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MMO Box: WildStar ~ #Blaugust Day 25

This is part of the Blaugust series!

This isn’t really a memory box post seeing that I bought the box for WildStar only a few months ago. I haven’t purchased many retail boxes lately. Like many folks, I now rely more on digital keys and downloads and Steam. So, posting this in the series is only here to compare what a more modern MMO’s  box looks like compared to some of the older boxes I’ve blogged.

I pretty much bought the box due to the WildStar promotion that offered free stuff when you pick up a box. I managed to snag a copy really cheap, and I got the floating kitty mount I wanted by luck.


I’m happy that I picked up the box because once the game goes F2P, I can dabble around in it again, and will be grandfathered in with more character slots. I may even get some reward points if I decide to put some money into the account there.

In time, these boxes will also go the way of memory. But for now, you can still snag them if you can find them. WildStar came in a plastic clam-shell case with a more fancy cardboard dust sleeve over it.





Art is vibrant, just like the game, working to catch your attention. It has one fold-out.



A lot of art and hype here, but not a whole lot of information. The box design really screams minimalist with huge pieces of art taking the forefront. A big change from older game boxes that spent time talking about races and classes and features.



Inside, there’s not a whole lot compared to older games, either. No fancy manual, just a folded quick reference card. Games certainly do rely on players to either glean the information from within the game tutorials now or to find it in wikis (which weren’t a thing back in the day).

Of course, less and less players are shopping for a physical box now days, so there’s less of an incentive to put money into printing and design costs… unless it’s a collector’s edition.

And this post closes out the MMO Memory Box series. I hope it was fun to see boxes of various games from over the past 15 or so years!


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