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FunCom’s The Park ~ #Blaugust Day 28

This is part of the Blaugust series!


News was released this week that FunCom is planning to launch a solo game called The Park this fall. One glance at the images and at the trailer shows a lot of similarities to the amusement park in The Secret World.

A few months back, TSW community was saddened as FunCom moved Joel Bylos from off the team for another project. He reassured players that TSW story would continue and that it would be just as top-notch horror as it’s always been. It seems that this is where his creative mind was shifted to.


While I always found the park on Solomon’s Island a bit annoying, that was mostly because of the enclosed area and the densely spawning enemies within it. I was quite eager to figure out the story and puzzles within the park, and those pesky carnies were in my way!

Overall, I’d say that The Park is something to look forward to right around Halloween this year. It seems like the first time a team has plucked a specific area of a MMO zone from a game and spun it into its own stand alone story. I always enjoyed the story aspect of TSW most, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. I know that I want to support FunCom as much as I can, and this may be one way to do it.


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2 thoughts on “FunCom’s The Park ~ #Blaugust Day 28

  1. I love the idea of individual spin-off games for parts of TSW. I am not sure I will get this one anytime soon, though, since the main attraction of it for me is TSW and I still have a ways to go to finish the MMO experience.


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