Coming to a Close ~ #Blaugust Day 31

This is part of the Blaugust series!


Today is the final day of August, which coincides with the last post of Blaugust. Congrats to everyone who undertook the challenge! Now give yourself some much-deserved rest!

Can I admit something without people getting mad and throwing stuff at me? Okay? Well, though I wouldn’t choose to blog like this every single day forever and ever, Blaugust in itself wasn’t a difficult challenge for me to take on.

Before you puff your cheeks at me, let me remind you that I work as a full time writer IRL, so this is what I do. Well, more or less. A bit more technical at my job, but overall, I write. And the truth is, the more you write, the easier writing becomes, just like anything else. So, I didn’t break a sweat to write for Blaugust in part because my tolerance for writing consistently is quite high.

I also felt like it was helped along with a good chunk of the writing being based around series of posts. I started out early on writing a group of posts about the Game that Changed my Life. That gave me five whole days of content to write about, and was something that I could write about with passion because it was totally stuff I loved.

I then spent 13 days writing the MMO Memory Box series. I honestly spent more time taking the pictures of the MMO boxes and fiddling with the photos than I did writing.

So, looking back on all that, over half the month was spent writing two series of posts that allowed me to plan what I was writing ahead of time. I spent the rest of the month responding to helpful writing prompts provided by the community and chatting about anything else that was happening or that came to mind.

I thought having a central location on Anook was useful for this. I also learned how to follow more folks who use WordPress to see their posts in my phone app. Twitter, I found, was much more difficult to follow than these other two. There was just so much!

2015-08-23 21.53.44My overall goal of Blaugust wasn’t so much forcing myself to write consistently (since I already do that), but to help get this little microblog some exposure. This has happened, though I find that much of the activity was in the middle of the month, and has dropped off by the end. Still, I’m seeing comments and likes by folks who may not have known this little nook existed before now, not to mention this blog is popping up unexpectedly on blog rolls, and that is success to me.

Thanks to everyone for a great time, and thanks for stopping by to read and like my posts!


    1. You’re very welcome! I hope folks will continue to use Anook as I was using it long before Blaugust. I really like it as a way to keep in touch with what other gamers are doing. It’s a lot less cluttered than Twitter can be. 🙂

  1. enjoyed reading your posts – sorry for not commenting more, thank you for all the likes and argh how was I not following you on Anook! following now :O

  2. Regardless of how easy it was for you, you still had the discipline to see it through, so you deserve congratulations (and the blog sticker) for that.

    Well done. 🙂

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