Anook Rocks! Blaugust Anook Community Choice Award

I totally didn’t expect to win something during Blaugust, and that was never my intention when joining the event. I’ve been an Anook user for almost a year, and was happy to see the official Blaugust Nook being a cornerstone of the event.

So, when Lonrem contacted me to tell me I’d won the Anook Community Choice Award, and I could choose a prize, I was beside myself in what to do. XD

I finally did pick a Steam copy of Cities Skylines, a game I’ve really wanted for a while, but just didn’t get yet. They have an expansion coming out, too, so it’s perfect for me to jump into this game before that. I also will get a snazzy Anook TShirt, which I look forward to lounging in while building my city. 😉

Thanks again to Anook for being a great sponsor to Blaugust. Thanks to other bloggers who sent out hearts on my posts (I sent them right back to you!). And thanks to Blaugust for a great experience and unexpected treasures. 🙂