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FFXIV: Of Eso Runs and When I Get Snarky (Defending My Healer)


Tai got his second piece of Eso armor last night – the gloves! But rather than just post lovely pictures of how his dragoon set is coming along, I will tell you a little story. This is the story of a Black Mage who ran Fractal with us last night.

Last night I was in one of my “get it done” moods. I wanted to hit the EX run, get my Eso and pick up my armor piece. No muss. No fuss. I even said to Syn, “I hope this is a painless run.”

Rolled Fractal in Duty Finder. First strike.

So we get a Paladin tank, a Black Mage DPS, Syn’s Zeb is our healer and I’m the Dragoon. We get in and exchange the normal politeness. The mage doesn’t respond.


K, fine. Let’s go.

No one is new to this run. The mage even has Alex gear and all, so he should be familiar enough with this dungeon. We get to the first boss, the Phantom Ray, and that’s where the trouble begins.

This boss does a double cone, room-wide AOE attack on either side of him. Then he flips it and does it the other direction. So you have to dodge one way, then the other, in pretty short succession. It looks like this:


Our mage friend not only stood in the AOE for the first blast (took his life down to less than half), but when he did try to make an effort to move, he moved INTO the second cone, and it was an insta kill for him.

Oops. Okay. Everyone has an off day.

So, Syn rezzes him, and it takes him a long time to accept the rez and get back into the fight. Syn then has to focus on the keeping the tank up due to big tank-busting attacks. She tossed the mage a few heals and what happens?

Before she can heal him up, he stands in the AOE cones again, and dies a second time. At this point, I’ve already used the limit break on the boss, we have him down to less than half, and I’m wondering what in the world he’s doing back there.

Again, Syn throws him a rez. This time, the guy doesn’t accept it and warps back to the start of the dungeon!

What? Seriously? Did he just do that?
What? Seriously? Did he just do that?

This means he’s locked out of the rest of the fight, and it’s on us to either finish it as 3 people or wipe. I have an itchy feeling he though we’d wipe without him or something, but I wasn’t gonna let that happen, and we finished it off.

The first thing he did was start complaining, and instantly blamed his grief on the healer.





The tank did stick up for Syn, but at that point I was like…

Wait. Seriously? You're really going to blame the healer?
Wait. Seriously? You’re really going to blame the healer?

Syn tried to nicely explain, but I straight up let him know that I’d watched him die twice to his own errors. Blaming the healer isn’t cool.





Fine, if you’re lagging, then that’s one thing. Say, “Oh, shoot. I didn’t see the AOEs due to lag. That’s what killed me.”

Don’t rag on the healer. I’m not having it, especially when the healer is my best friend. |:<

We continued on our way, and he couldn’t let it go, treating Syn like she has no idea how healing works. Again, the tank defended Syn.


At this point I’m like:

Do you really refuse rezzes in all boss content you fight and leave people to 3 man it?
Do you really refuse rezzes in all boss content you fight and leave people to 3 man it?

I thought standing in the red circles was a Dragoon passtime. At least if I die to my own mistakes, I don’t whine at the healer after leaving my party to finish off a boss down one DPS.

I was feeling snarky, so I gave him some sage advice.


Then we went through the rest of the dungeon without another word until the end. Somehow we did beat the last boss without any incident.

And Syn got a commendation. 🙂

Oh, and later, we looked this player up on the Lodestone. They have a single level 60 class – Black Mage – most other classes are unleved. Not a single level in any healing class.

Here is a song tribute for our Black Mage friend.



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5 thoughts on “FFXIV: Of Eso Runs and When I Get Snarky (Defending My Healer)

  1. Hm. I typed a long comment last night and it looks like it got eaten. 😦

    TL;DR of it was “yeah, even in FFXIV there are still the bad/weird people in pugs at times.”

    I had a fun one thins morning. Said hi as we popped in. DRG was ecstatic that we got Fractal instead of Neverreap. After 2nd boss, 1st pull fine, then tank, healer and I went left. DRG went right. DRG had only been in groups that had gone right before and had no idea you could go left for the slightly easier pull order. As he typed into chat:

    Dear Diary,
    Today my group mindf***ed me in Continuum.
    PS – I kinda liked it


    1. Haha… that’s a great story!

      We’ve been having somewhat rocky EX groups lately, and I don’t know why. I also get Fractal far more than Neverreap, so I’d totally switch. Neverreap is annoying, but Fractal’s last boss can be a party killer if people aren’t on the ball. 😦


  2. Haha what a story. Maybe he just wanted a free ride. I always own up to my mistakes if I mess up or have lag. No sense in nagging at the healer, that never helps. It’s usually the clueless or the lazy that complain in my experience.


  3. Sadly it happens ever so often. Can’t say what I do in those kind of situations, mostly have myself to blame if I stand in the red or mess up mechanics…. that or lag. XD

    Honestly though, going to hope you have not many experiences like that in the future. =)


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