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FFXIV: Just Cleared Neverreap Final Boss… With No Tank!

The dungeon run started out as a normal one. Me as Dragoon, Zeb our heals, a tank and a black mage DPS. It rolls as normal until the final boss.

Out of the corner of  my eye, I see our tank accidentally walk off the edge of the boss area into the pit. I don’t fault him cuz it’s not always easy to tell what places you can fall in FFXIV, since the game mostly puts up invisible walls to keep you from doing just that in the normal areas. Here, there’s no invisible wall to save you, so off the tank went.

And the rest of the battle went like this… Names blurred for privacy.


After the tank fell, the black mage got insta-aggro. Zeb was healing furiously, but eventually the black mage died, leaving me to tank. Zeb tossed a rez, and amazingly, the black  mage accepted it.

We rallied, dodged a million tornadoes, DPSed our butts off, and all my tanking experience paid off (though there’s really little to tank on that boss, thankfully). Any other boss I probably wouldn’t have stood a chance (Fractals, I’m looking at you), but 7 mins later, we emerged victorious.

The poor tank watched the whole show from the other side of the gate, and was really apologetic… but it was okay. We rose to the challenge and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had playing that boss to date. Is this a sign I should be a tank? XD



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5 thoughts on “FFXIV: Just Cleared Neverreap Final Boss… With No Tank!

  1. Haha poor tank, it’s good he met you lot instead of someone with anger issues. Small mistakes can make for some fun moments, people miss out on that. Tankoon sounds like an interesting job!! 😀


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