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FFRK: Man in Black Event

So I downloaded and dabbled around in the Final Fantasy Record Keeper iOS app a little a few weeks back. Seemed really cute, but I didn’t do a whole lot with it.

Then they announced a Man in Black event where you can recruit Golbez (and Tellah) from FFIV to your party.

2015-09-09 08.40.04

Well, now, that changes everything. Time to give these woefully under leveled characters a kick in the butt.

2015-09-09 09.10.24

Annnd… scored one Tellah. I also kicked around the FFIV realms and unlocked Kain. Going for a full FFIV party eventually! Cecil, Kain and Golbez in the same party FTW!

2015-09-09 09.11.56


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2 thoughts on “FFRK: Man in Black Event

  1. There’s a known bug currently where if you have Tellah cast Meteor he doesn’t die. 😉

    Also, you may have already noticed but Edward will be available from the final phase of the Forbidden Treasure event in a couple days.


    1. Haha! Dang. I guess they can’t make everything just like the original game.

      I didn’t know that Edward! Thanks for the info! 😀


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