EarthBound: Leaving Onett

You and I both, buddy.

So, after getting to Giant Step, a cop told me to come to the Police Department, pronto. I do so and get a chewing out. Then, the Captain┬átells me if I want to leave town, I have to follow him. I do that, and find myself jumped by┬áthe entire Onett police department to prove my strength or something. Once I beat them, then it’s time to beat Captain Strong.

Once I mop up that fight, the police are super nice to me (they better be) and open the way to Twoson.

Along the way, I get attacked by a mushroom (?) that spits spores at me. The attack sticks a mushroom on my head, which doesn’t go away even after I beat the fight. I had totally forgotten this affliction – the mushroom causes the walking controls to randomly change from time to time. It’s a total pain the butt to get anywhere… but I make it to town, where I promptly get my picture taken.

Hah! I took a picture of you taking my picture, Mr. Fuzzy Pickles. How do you like that meta?

Anyhow, I stumbled around town for a while trying to figure out how to cure the mushroom-head. Finally had to look it up and discovered a healer in the Hospital would remove it. Not only that, but he pays me for it… I guess that made the whole situation a little less painful. Now that I can walk straight, I can get back to exploring the new town.