FFXIV: Tanks in Spaaaaace

Okay, yeah. Zemi didn’t really go to space, but the atmosphere in Ifrit’s ring of fire really feels otherworldly. I think it’s the whole black sun thing.

Last night, I took several detours to clean up a few things I wanted to unlock: opened Leves, unlocked Ventures, unlocked Aesthetician, and unlocked Gold Saucer. I then pushed through some more of the MSQ stories to the point where I finally unlocked Ifrit in the DF. Funny thing was, not but a moment later did another newer FC memeber drop into the same instance, so we formed a full FC group and took down Ifrit together.

I’m finally getting to the point where I can choose my Grand Company, which means I’ll be getting my chocobo soon! Yay! Really looking forward to not running everywhere on foot.

I also accomplished level 22 Marauder last night, which means I’ll probably be going back and leveling Gladiator a bit to pick up some cross class skills soon. At least to have Flash, if not Provoke, before the next dungeon. I’m happy to slowly be upgrading my gear where I can, too.

Unsynced King Mog

So last night, Syn’s Sero needed to beat King Mog HM. This fight is generally one of my least favorite primals because doing it in DF can sometimes be an exercise in patience. So I said, “What happens if we try it unsynced?”

We tossed the idea out to FC members and picked up a group of level 54 Dark Knight, level 52 Dragoon, level 60 Dragoon and a fresh level 50 Ninja who just came back to the game last night and needed to beat it, too. The result was…

King Mog murdered us. 

Okay, well, he didn’t actually murder us. We did well enough all the way until the second stage, actually. Once King Mog appeared and we had to fight all the moogles at once, we started losing party members quickly. So, we decided it was possible, but we needed heals.

Lo and behold, one of our high level White Mages happened to log in. So we roped him into the experiment. The Ninja had to log for the night, so we decided to 4 man it. And…

We beat it! 

I won’t say we murdered it because it still had some difficulty. But we did beat it!

We also learned that if you leave an unsynced dungeon, you don’t get a 30 min penalty like you do if you leave a DF party. I’m glad of this because it allows you to experiment with the system without punishment.

We will very likely continue to push the limits of what we can beat unsynced in the future!

Manderville in the moogle ring!