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They See Me Rollin (A New Character in WildStar)


Yes, I rolled Aurin, mostly because I wanted to join the Black Dagger Society and needed an Exile. I still have my Chua.

I went mouse ears instead of cat ears. Glad I did. Most other Aurin seem to choose cat. XD

I don’t know how well I’ll play the Esper class, but I claimed the mount on this character, so I better be dedicated to it now!


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3 thoughts on “They See Me Rollin (A New Character in WildStar)

  1. My Exile Esper is also an Aurin. It’s also my highest level character — level 8! But I’m also not really feeling it, so I’m thinking I’ll stick with the Spellslinger as my main class on the rare occasions that I actually play WS instead of FFXIV.


    1. Oh, that would be awesome! I probably should check on my Chua. I’ve been letting the servers settle a bit before hammering them with my login.


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