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Flight Rising: Cherub Gene

It’s not often I get excited about a new gene release at Flight Rising. But for some reason the Cherub gene just looks absolutely awesome on a lot of my dragons.

I took and gave my spiral pair (who are over 2 years old now) a complete makeover today, and I’m really pleased!

But seriously, check out these offspring! Some of them look amazing!




Just for reference, this is what they looked like before:



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4 thoughts on “Flight Rising: Cherub Gene

  1. Ah, Flight Rising. I met a lot of cool people that way (just about all the people I’ve been commissioning for art… :D), but… I was surprised how long I stuck with it, but I’ve been done with it for a while.


    1. I guess I’m odd. I still log in every day to feed, gather, breed and bond with familiars. I don’t usually spend a lot of time on the site each day, but I rarely miss a day of caring for my dragons. 🙂


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