ARK Adventures: I Wanna Ride My Trike

After losing our first base, moving, and settling down at the little bay next to the southeastern peninsula, we got to re-establishing our base and building it up. I was at the level where I could start building stone walls for the bottom foundation, and the inside of the base came along quite nicely.

I was also at the level where I was learning how to make narcotics and tranq arrows. I was lucky to find a bow as loot on a carno dino I killed, so I decided to try my hand at taming my first Trike. I was slain mercilessly by a level 3 Trike I thought I could take down in previous games, so I was a little nervous about trying.

Turns out that with tranq arrows, it was not only do-able, but quite easy to tame my first Trike. I named him Zento.

I got him back to base and very quickly scrounged together all the materials I needed for a Trike saddle. I tell you what… riding a larger dino in ARK, such as a Trike, changes the way you see the game completely. It’s a fantastic feeling, and I was totally hooked.

From there, Syn and I continued to build and level up. Crafting and building seems a good solid way to gain experience, IMHO.

Syn spent her time learning how to plant, irrigate and fertilize a little garden next to our base.

Meanwhile, Zento and I worked on putting together a wall to prevent dinos from wandering in an out of our area.

I also spent a time experimenting with what I was able to tame. Like this sarco… which I couldn’t ride for another 10 levels because I wasn’t able to make the saddle at the time.

After hearing me enthuse over the Trike riding experience, Syn decided she wanted her own Trike. So I went out and tamed her one as well.

Things continued to come along well in the base. We learned how to craft more stations such as the smithy and the forge.

So, life in ARK was good. And Trikes were king… until I returned to the swamp base to try my hand at taming one of the new frog mounts.

…To Be Continued!