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FFXIV: Addicted to Dragoon


I’ve tried really hard not to level a second Dragoon in FFXIV. You just don’t know how much I’ve struggled against the urge, telling myself I already have one level 60 Dragoon. I don’t need a second.

I lost my desire to play Bard with the Heavensward changes, though, and poor Zuri has been trapped in the mid 50s for over two months now. I spent so much time pouring over the different DPS classes, looking for an alternative that I would enjoy. I’ve started leveling classes and putting them down over and over again.

Finally, tonight, I just gave in and started leveling Dragoon on Zuri.

She was already level 34 due to needing the Blood for Blood cross skill. I spent some time running FATEs, cleaning up old quests and getting her hunting log back on track for her level. She’s not level 38, and I’m having fun playing Zuri again.

I guess maybe one day, I can come back and experiment with any of the other classes. But for now, Dragoon just feels the best match for my preferred playstyle.


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3 thoughts on “FFXIV: Addicted to Dragoon

    1. I’ve tried. It just feels so different from the class I played for such a long time. Whereas the new Dragoon skills in HW build on to the original playstyle, the Bard skills change it completely.


  1. I think I kind of lucked out, in a way, because I never had a max toon at 50 end-game, so I won’t really feel any “difference” between 50 and 60 play as I level. Which can be a good and a bad thing. Glad you’re enjoying Dragoon so much!!! 😀


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