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FFXIV: Zuri In Idyllshire

I finally stopped being totally lazy and finished the tiny few quests I needed to push Zuri to level 58. Did her class quest and got her to Idyllshire.


I started doing some of the quests around the town, but it looks like I have a looooooong way until I hit level 59. The story is gated to me in just a few short quests completed. 😦

I don’t recall having to grind a whole lot with Tai through level 58, but I was doing a lot of other leveling activities, such as daily hunts and such. Ah well. A little bit closer is a little bit closer. I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to really push to finish HW this weekend before the patch or not. Zuri won’t be able to join in any of the 3.1 activities considering her low ilvl anyhow. I guess I’ll see how it goes.




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