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FFXIV: 3.1 Patch Notes Happiness

So the preliminary patch notes for FFXIV 3.1 have dropped, and I’ve had time to pour over most of it. I wanted to highlight all the great changes that really excite me – some of them are just little things compared to raids and such, but things I’ve wanted for a long time!

The Much Awaited

Yes, yes, yes! How many times have I finished a holiday quest and wondered why I couldn’t stash the cosmetics instantly!

YAAAAY! No more buying coke one at a time!

I was bummed when my draught chocobo couldn’t fly. Happy about this change!

This makes me happy. I’m glad I can share my house with close friends… just wish that would extend to alts. Doubt it, though. It’s a step in the right direction.

Everyone! I’m crying tears of joy! I have wanted this for so long! Now I can actually use mount roulette!


THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU x2. I hated messages that ruined my cutscene immersion!

OMG! More tears of joy!! It’s like they reached into my brain and saw all the things I wanted. This will encourage me to pick my crafting back up.

Yeeesss! Less dungeons for Triple Triad is more luv for me. I’d probably have just soloed them later anyhow. Thank you!

Not to sound grumpy, but it’s about time! You don’t put in a cosmetics system without the ability to try on a whole outfit at once. 😛

W-what’s this? Scaling repeatable daily beast tribe quests? Something to help with the progression for alt jobs between level 50 and 60? YES PLEASE! 

Happy days! We needed this so many times!

The Nice Surprises

Huh? I’ll take it.

Oh, this looks neat. I’ll probably try it out!

Good idea. I don’t know that there’s many times I need to send more than 5 friend invites in one day.

Reminds me of GW’s sync dances. This is great for folks wanting to screenshots or make vids!

I’m kinda iffy on this. I like the ideas… but I can only imagine Midgardsormr’s big butt in my way when I’m trying to exchange for seals.

This was a thing? I never even knew this was a thing.

Will he have the catbat? Please? It would be nice to get some expensive dungeon minions in other ways.

Woot! This is great! 😀

Upgrading Eso items from Void Ark drops? Yes, please!

The Meh

That’s it? That’s all the changes we get to Bard after all the gnashing of teeth? I’m disappointed and will probably be changing Zuri’s main. To what… I still don’t know. 😦

I guess I shoulda expected a nerf to Neverreap and Factal’s Eso drops. We don’t know what the new dungeons will be dropping yet, so this makes me a bit nervous.

I know most people are sick of these two dungeons, but for me, they are familiar and “safe” to run for the most part. Eso are a pain in the butt to get… so I just hope we get other ways to obtain them.



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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: 3.1 Patch Notes Happiness

  1. As I said to TAGN over on his blog last night….

    “I’ve had time to pour over most of it”

    *cough* pore *cough*



    And with that bit of facetiousness out of the way…. I’m not worried about the Eso drops anymore — I’ll be much more interested in upgrading my Eso gear that I already have.

    The QoL changes look good.

    I honestly haven’t touched my bard since I hit 50 on it…… quite a while ago. As a result, I have no idea how it plays right now, but based on all the complaints I’ve read, I’m surprised at how little tweaking was done on it.


  2. Thank you Wren, you summed up my feelings about the patch almost perfectly… add in some fangirl squees from me and you have it on the don =3

    Also, a quick question. What times are you on FFXIV? just approximately as I plan to get more into the game again and would love to drag you or get dragged around, if you are up for it. ;P


    1. It’s hard to say as it all varies depending on work and art projects. Usually in the later evening EST, after work. Sometimes on weekends, though I’ve often been playing other things with my sister lately. I rarely have a set time, I just log in when I feel up to it.


      1. Haha, no worries, it’s good that you’re playing what you feel like, when you feel like ^^ Better to have fun then to force yourself into something 😉 Give me a poke if I am on when you are, that is if you feel like it ^^


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