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FFXIV: Chocobo Companion and Warrior Unlocked!


Yes, he’s still wearing the tin can. It’s just purple now.

I decided to buckle down today on Zemi and get some questing done. He was sitting at level 28 Maurader, and I wanted to get him to at least level 30 for the chocobo companion and start leveling Gladiator to 15 for the unlock. I just blew through quests and main scenario to hit 30 (I’m still leveled way ahead of what I should be). Was so happy to finally have a healing chocobo.


I then went back to work on Gladiator. I already had it at level 8, so I hit up all my hunting logs, quests and FATES to get to 11. At that point, the FC was having an impromptu Mumble night, and I mentioned I was out around Aleport running FATES. Suddenly, I had a random group of FC folks, just running FATES and chatting. And before I even knew it, I was level 16. I couldn’t believe how fast the experience came! I did not expect to get all that done tonight!

So I went back and did all my class quests, and unlocked Warrior for Zemi. Progress made! Now I just need to get him a different set of armor.



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