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EQ2: Server Merges and Names

So Freeport did the big server merge to Skyfire last week, and I was very shocked to discover that I only lost three (minor) names amongst all my many, many alts. I logged in to find “zz” attached to the end of the following names:


I had braced myself to lose the name “Benjamin,” whom I rolled moments after Freeport went live back during the EQ2 F2P launch. I’ve been logging in consistently to try to reserve what names I could, but had little hope given we were merging with servers that were much older than Freeport (older characters took priority).

Much to my surprise, I only lost the two silly names above (Ratonga and Froglok) – who were easily renamed. In fact, I think I like “Skedaddles” more than the original (given how Ratonga like to add an “s” on the end of words). I still haven’t renamed Cutlass yet – I’m going to have to think more deeply about that one seeing she’s my only vampire.

I’m soooo happy to still have Benjamin, Taii, Zento, Nipp, Scuttle (About), Hovering (Text)… and… well, I put a lot of thought into my names or name them after my fictional characters. So most of them I care about in some form. Losing names for my long-time characters, like Nipp, would have been crushing.


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