FFXIV: Moving On Up


Look at that cute Bard box hat! It’s so adorable! I still love Amon’s Hat, but I’m having a hard time glamuoring over this one… I really like how the little purple gem seems to glow.

Ahem. Anyhow, I’m continuing to make progress with Zuri at endgame, gearing her up as I can. I unlocked the level 60 roulette (which we call FractalReap), but I haven’t played it all that much to be honest.

Instead, the moment I was able to upgrade enough to hit ilvl 175, I went straight to Void Ark, where I got that hat as my first drop. I’ve been extremely lucky on getting drops that I need on my first weekly run so far on both Tai and Zuri. I have a feeling that luck is going to change soon (Syrcus Tower used to be super stingy).

The first time I attempted to clear Zuri in Void Ark was Saturday night. We got all the way to the pull on the final boss before the instance servers locked up and kicked everyone out. We were unable to log in on those characters for about an hour that night, but I did eventually finish up Void Ark last night for the credit.

It’s a good source of Law Tomes (which Zuri still needs), a smattering of Eso (which she absolutely needs) and a chance to roll on ilvl 200 armor. I have no desire to run roulettes like I did for Tai’s Eso, so Zuri is going to have to be content with Void Ark armor instead. She’s doing well enough for it, already hovering just under ilvl 180.

I also got two commendations last run. Go figure.

Zemi Progress

While Zuri was locked up in Void Ark, I finally took the time to run the FFXI event on Zemi. I wanted that cosmetic armor for him, so it was as good a time as ever. Syn helped out with her dragoon, Sero, and we made short work of it.


Zemi also hit level 31 Warrior between the quests, FATES and a few class hunts I snagged along the way. I feel a little bad because I’ve been ignoring Zemi’s progress for Zuri’s lately. I guess I’ll get back to him when I do, but I’ve had more than enough to keep me busy between Zuri and Tai.

Tai Progress

Most of Tai’s progress has been on his Paladin lately. Between Vanu Beast Tribe quests and hunts, I’ve been slowly leveling the job at an acceptable, but casual, pace. Tonight should see me hit level 56 – all without any grinding or dungeons. It’s nice to be able to hop on, hit a few quests and hunts, earn some rep and seals, and call it a night with a good bit of experience added to the bar. It’s not the fastest way to level, but seeing Tai started at level 53 just a short while ago, progress is progress.


Now that I’ve upgraded most of his Dragoon gear between Esos, upgraded Eso armor, Alex accessories, and Void Ark, I’ve really not felt a push to work on him as much. I’d still like to get his Eso legs eventually, but I’m in no rush.

FC Fun

Folks in our FC have been keeping me busy. I think I’ve run more dungeons and instances last week than I pretty much ever have. I had to take Sunday off for a break from it… introvert that I am. But I’m happy to see folks also making progress and having fun.


We’ve been doing plenty of EX Roulette, Void Ark runs, and attempted our first Diadem on Saturday.

We’ve been putting out feelers for finding new like-minded folks, but recruitment has been pretty slow lately. I was really hoping to see a lot more return activity with 3.1 than we have. Though we do have a good core group of friends, I miss some of the folks who were more active back at HW’s launch. Maybe winter months will help with that.


  1. Bit of a shame I can’t bring myself to leave Balmung and its RP, because that FC sounds like it’s having a blast. 😀

    Regardless, great to read these progress reports. Kinda makes me wanna follow your footsteps in leveling up my Rawrior.

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