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FFXIV: RNG Frustrations


I’ve been taking a pretty casual approach to FFXIV lately, which has felt right for me at this time. I’ve done very few roulettes since 3.1 dropped seeing I got my fill of Fractalreap for daily Esos, and really just don’t have the desire to run the new Expert Roulette the way I ran the previous one.

This does put me behind in ilvl, a situation that I’m trying to somewhat fix with Zuri by gathering Void Ark drops for the left side gear. So I find myself mostly running Void Ark on Zuri in hope of a drop (or to help FC folks with theirs), then doing daily Vanu quests and hunts on Tai to continue leveling his Paladin. That’s been the extent of my FFXIV gaming lately.

Vanu Quests

I’m very grateful for the Vanu quests. They’re just the light type of daily content I need. Something I can hop in, get done and still earn decent experience for a job trying to reach 60.

Tai is currently over halfway through level 58 Paladin now, having leveled from 53 almost exclusively on Vanu quests and hunts. I’m really enjoying the Vanu storyline and watching the little settlement build up over time. And, of course, I enjoy the new Sundrop Dance.


Void Ark Frustrations

As I said above, I’ve been trying to gear up Zuri only by using Void Ark drops since I have no motivation to do the Eso grind on a second character. As of last week, I had only 2 of 5 pieces for Bard, so you’d think that I’d have some luck in getting my weekly drop.


I ran Void Ark five times last week and only saw one Bard drop – the hat, which I already had. All sorts of black mage, dragoon and monk gear, though. I gave up after that, discouraged.

So, last night, when Syn and I went in for the first run of this week and I saw two other Bards in the party, I was ready to just fold my hand. Amazingly, on the second boss, two pairs of Bard boots dropped. One of the Bards told us he didn’t need them, so we both rolled and won one.

Ironically, the Bard coat dropped on the next boss. Yep.

Oh well. At least I got one drop this week.

I also picked up the Gold Dance for Zuri, which is consolation for not having earned her the Sundrop Dance yet. I’ve just been too lazy to run double Vanu quests everyday, even as much as I enjoy them.


I am still slowly making progress with Zuri’s crafting as well. She dinged level 56 Goldsmith last weekend and finished up one of the craft quests I’ve been putting off. That scored her a better crafting chest piece finally, but she’s already out-grown that on Goldsmith considering the next quest gives yet another upgrade.

I spend the week gathering all the materials Zuri will need for crafting leves – this week, it’s dragon fangs. Once the mats are gathered, I sit down on the weekend and spam crafting leves to push her to the next leve tier. This allows me to gather what I need from hunting ventures so there’s very little cost to me. It also allows me to regen my leve allowance so that I never get too low.

It’s slower than spamming it all at once, I’m sure. But progress is progress, and I’m interested in eventually specializing in a few classes that will help Zuri gear up some alt jobs.

I haven’t messed with scrips yet, but that’s something I need to research.


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13 thoughts on “FFXIV: RNG Frustrations

  1. Ha! On my 1st run through Void Ark I got the Bard jacket!

    Of course I was playing summoner… but for SMN I already have the full i200 set of Eso so any Void Ark gear for SMN would be glamour anyway. Now to level my bard up since it’s still only level 51….


  2. Progress is progress! I’m slowly learning from various sources – you, Syp, Bhagpuss, and a couple of WoW friends – that little bits of progress can be just as satisfying as major dings or drops. The hard part is shaking the “must keep up with content” and “endgame is all” mindsets, with the pressure they bring to do/have all the things NOW.

    Is it my imagination, or is that Sundrop dance suspiciously similar to the Maori haka?


    1. You’re not imagining things, that is modeled after the haka as far as I know.

      Progress is Progress – that’s been my MMO mantra for years. As a more casual player, and usually always behind the curve, I come to appreciate that consistent small steps can lead to a desired outcome. Usually, it’s more satisfying to me to work on something over time than to try to rush through it and burn myself out.


  3. Aws RNG can suck hehe but it’s very sweet when it works out! I have been lucky in VA but the new set from expert roulette is frustrating as hell. It keeps me doing dungeons though, so I guess working as intended.


    1. Yay! This is a great time to come back because there’s honestly a lot more to do after the end of Heavensward story than there was when the expansion first released. You honestly haven’t missed anything other than a lot of daily Fractalreap runs.


  4. Grats on the progress. =) I am finding more time to play myself so I might be able to catch you online… if not for the time zone difference =/ Oh well, maybe during the weekends ^^

    I started the Vanu quests a couple of days ago, it’s fun to see the settlement grow as you mentioned, but also, it just draws in more than the other beast dailies. At least I am more interested in see how it works out for them ^^

    Maybe I should work on the story though, been keeping from it for the last… no idea how long. Though I can say that I am happy as I finished my Relic quests… at least for now. XD When they release the next tier I will most likely farm like mad…. as I should for levelling my crafters ^^;

    A little something on RNG… it hates everyone who hopes it will give you something. The less you care about it, the more it seems to show that in your face. Nothing can be done about it as that is how things work with RNG… it hates everyone equally at least XD

    Happy hunting and see you ingame ^^


      1. Yeah I knew it would be coming back, but as it turns out you need to be level 60 and have completed Heavensward… neither of which are true for me, so I don’t need to rush. I didn’t think getting to the base relic would take me so little time. I mean I remember how long it took before they increased the drop rates or changed the drop rules entirely XD Quite fast to get to Zeta now. =)


    1. It’s a bit complicated to explain.

      First, I record a video in Fraps.

      Then I convert it into an MP4 file using the built-in Windows Movie Maker.

      Then I import it into Photoshop and edit it.

      I obviously do more than what the following video above shows (crop, etc), but that’s the overall gist of it.


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