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FFXIV: Level 60 Paladin!


I finally reached level 60 Paladin on Tai tonight. I’ve mostly been doing Vanu quests and hunts, but I realized I’d left a few level 58 quests unfinished in Idyllshire, so I cleaned those up.


I had most of his level 60 Law armor purchased already, along with a few Alex drops I picked up from previous runs. I upgraded most of the Law stuff – could probably upgrade the accessories, though. I think it’s a pretty good looking set, though not very Paladinly. Seeing that I don’t plan on tanking anything endgame yet, this set is good enough for now. May work on getting some Void Ark drops for him eventually.

Oh, and I gave him the proper shield skin, too!


Now it’s time to level up the rest of my tank classes and work on my level 50 Ninja (maybe).


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