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FFXIV: The Relic Strikes Back


So, patch 3.15 dropped this week and we got to see what it takes to work on the new Relic weapons. Needless to say, there’s plenty of folks that had their jimmies rustled by this. Being a casual player, I’m not one of them.

I don’t really care if I get an ilvl 210 weapon right now. I’ll get one eventually, somehow, anyway. I’m mostly just happy they’ve given me an option other than a million Eso dungeon runs to get an ilvl 200 weapon for my alt classes, though.

Not to mention, people are finally running HW FATEs on my server now. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of dungeons and I much prefer open content like Beast Tribes and FATEs. So to see the FATE trains running in HW zones has been nothing short of glorious to me.


I not only earned 4 crystals last night, but I completed FATEs for achievement and rewards I never knew existed… AND I’m leveling my White Mage fairly quickly. Zuri started at 51 Wednesday and dinged 53 last night on FATEs alone.


I’m happy because it encourages people to FATE in different zones, which is so, so much more interesting than everyone clustering in N. Than all day. I know this isn’t great fun for everyone, but I have plenty of classes I want to push from 50 to 60, and I’ll certainly take the experience. I love to see all the activity in zones that were previously quiet unless there was a hunt about. Maybe this will teach people the value of the HW FATEs and we’ll see more folks doing them in the future. *I hope*


I don’t mind the dungeons that we have to run for the second part of the Relic quest. Some of them I haven’t even unlocked. But that’s fine. I’ll do them a few times just to get that ilvl 200 weapon for Bard, then eventually for alt classes, like Paladin. I also need to level Tai’s Ninja, which is still lowly level 50, and I’m considering pulling up my other tanking classes and Machinist (which is level 47).


Which reminds me, I also cleared the final Vanu quest on Tai, and am working on maxing out my rep with the tribe. Much fun, good experience, and now drops for my relic! I actually have a reason to go back and try to max my rep with the old Beast Tribes now, which is something I’ve wanted to do.

Rawr Tai!

I also have new motivation for leveling Zuri’s crafting. I already had planned on making her a specialist in Weaver and Leatherworker (she’s already one in Goldsmith). So the fact that the Relic requires those three specialist is just icing on the cake. I’m really, really pondering leveling Tai up as a specialist in the metal working area since that will be needed, and he tends to have all the tank classes. We’ll see if I can stomach leveling crafting from 1 to 50 again, though.

Yeah, I realize that third step in the Relic quest line is a doozie. If I get it done, I get it done. I don’t really mind one way or another. I’m just happy to have motivation and means to get out there, level the classes I want to work on, get them somewhat geared up, and get some crafting done. Motivation makes me happier than gear. 🙂



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6 thoughts on “FFXIV: The Relic Strikes Back

  1. I…am…the complete opposite–the FATE training was the WORST part of this quest, but the dungeon lines were the best. However, I do agree that getting to the i200 weapon in this manner was significantly better, and it is good that the option is there for those that want it.

    The i210? Well…I’m pretty sure that will be made near-irrelevant later down the line, if not sooner depending upon outcry. It is staggeringly daunting and makes me wonder if the devs smoked every drug in Japan, but be that as it may…

    Nowadays I just wanna work up the guts to peer in to Void Ark. I missed the learning window, and so I’m a bit nervy about that one. But it’s good to have goals in a game like this.


    1. From someone who doesn’t prefer dungeons, but runs Void Ark usually once a week or more: Don’t be afraid to try it. You may be coming in late, but with the casual 24-man raid, there really isn’t a learning window. What class would you be playing?

      People who run it weekly know it pretty well by now, and groups have been clearing it more quickly. Just read up on the bosses (and that one room with the pagan knots) or watch a video about the mechanics if you’re very nervous. Also, it’s better to try to run it near on or just after Tuesday night because that’s right after the weekly refresh. Mondays can get a bit rough sometimes,and even I avoid running then.


  2. It is funny seeing different preferences. Myself, I hate FATE grinding. 😀 But it’s not a big deal–it’s not like I’ve been playing enough recently to hit level 60, much less worry about this yet. I’ll decide which path I prefer once I reach there.


    1. I think the fact that there are options is a great thing. It’s nothing to worry about right now. Relic has never been mandatory or game-breaking. It just seems to align with what I need (leveling) at the moment. 🙂


      1. Yeah, it’s great they give more options and not lock you into one thing completely, would make you give up or just get bored otherwise. It’s best not to rush into things and force them, so better to do the more grindy things as you are doing, align them with something or just do something else and let it get done by itself ^^


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