FF:RK Full FFIV Party at Last!

2015-12-28 18.48.12

So today I realized what exactly the whole Vale of Memories challenge event was about in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Not only does it allow you to unlock your choice of character, but also, if you can complete the level 50 challenges, you can get earn Soul Crystals for characters of your choice!

Of course, the first thing I did was unlock Paladin Cecil.

2015-12-28 15.58.00

The second thing I did was snag FuSoYa.

2015-12-28 16.19.06

Then, using all the Growth Eggs I’ve been sitting on over months of time, I maxed out my entire crew and broke the level cap for Cecil and Golbez.

2015-12-28 18.53.11

2015-12-28 16.05.39

I am a happy camper. Will continue to work on this event to break the cap for the rest of my team, I hope. Oh, and first ever level 50 challenge I’ve beaten! šŸ˜€

2015-12-28 18.53.22

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