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FFXIV: Dragooning (Finally) on Cactuar

Posted on July 31

While I remain at a loss for what to level for Zuri (though I’m now leaning towards Monk thanks to a conversation with Curious Cat – thanks!), I’m 100% sure I’m leveling Yet Another Dragoon™ on Cactuar. This week, I’ve given high end content a bit of a break and pushed on through the final level of Lancer (thank you Halatali) and the 15 levels of Marauder I needed to unlock that last night. Finally!

Windows 10 Upgrade

Posted on July 31

I already upgraded 2 days ago on my home laptop (not my main machine) and will be testing it out some this weekend. So far, I haven’t seen any issues. In fact, it looks pretty darn close to the same as 8.1 except for the start menu and having to clear clutter off my taskbar.

FFXIV: Bard Woes & Cactuar Progress

Posted on July 29

Pretty much ever since Heavensward released, I’ve been in a state of uncertainty with my Bard, Zuri. Though she’s supposed to be my main character, I’ve put much more time and effort into leveling and gearing Tai, who is now at end game running Expert Roulettes and upping his ilvl.

FFXIV: Expert Mode Unlocked

Posted on July 27

We made a lot of progress in FFXI this weekend, starting the first stage at our attempts at earning some Eso Tomes for end game gear. But aside from even that, I’ve been knocking out a lot of side goals.

Peeking in at ESO

Posted on July 24

Last night, right after I managed to unlock Warrior for Tai, the FFXIV servers went wonky. So, I decided to take a break from FFXIV… and chose to pick up the copy of ESO that I bought, and play it for the first time since beta.

FFXIV: Earning Confidence in the Duty Finder

Posted on July 22

Last week, I wrote about how I was struggling with anxiety in the Duty Finder dungeons. Despite my fears, I’ve continued to run daily Leveling Roulette and Trials Roulette to earn Law gear (we haven’t braved Expert Roulette just yet).

The Art of MMO Character Creation

Posted on July 21

This is my original character, TsuYa Tai, often just called Tai.

Hatch Pet: All Items Get!

Posted on July 21

I know it’s a silly little goal, but after over 600 days (straight) of playing the Hatch Pet app, I’ve finally purchased all items from the Hatch store.

FFXIV: Progress and Heavensward Main Story Complete

Posted on July 20

Above is my Iwa-toshi Kai I got this weekend in FFXIV. I’m excited about this because this may be the first time in an MMO (that isn’t in the Guild Wars series) that I actually have earned fairly relevant end-game gear.

FFXIV: Most Popular Heavensward Class Poll

Posted on July 17

These are the results of an interesting FFXIV class poll taken on Reddit.

FFXIV Heavensward: Dungeon Anxiety and Arriving in Azys Lla

Posted on July 17

The very first order of the gaming day was for me to unlock Tai’s Elite Clan Hunts. I mentioned in my last post how I couldn’t locate the quest to unlock these hunts, and had a ton of seals that I needed to exchange before I hit seal cap. Thanks to Rainel’s comment, I located this quest in Idyllshire instead of Ishgard and got that all squared away. Thank you!

FFXIV Heavensward: Level 60 and Beyond

Posted on July 16

Last night Zeb and Tai finally got around to running The Great Gubal Library dungeon, which is the last of the pre-level-60 dungeons in Heavensward. I hear this is often a dungeon people farm for gear and use to level from 59 to 60.

FFXIV: Sea of Clouds – Seeing Shapes in Islands

Posted on July 15

So am I the only one who sees shapes in islands when I fly over them?

The Sims 4 Spa Day: Official Trailer

Posted on July 15

I really am interested in getting this game pack, but I just don’t think I’ll find time to play it due to Heavensward. So, putting off picking it up for now (maybe catch it on a sale).

FFXIV Heavensward: Oh, the Nostalgia!

Posted on July 15

We didn’t get to progress any last night due to the servers coming down for emergency maintenance, but I do have some thoughts about our progress from the night before. Namely, Square really knows how to hit the right nostalgia buttons for us long-time Final Fantasy fans.

FFXIV Heavensward: Castles in the Sky

Posted on July 14

So when we left off in the last post, we’d dished out a whoopin to Bismark and then got our own butts handed to us. The way to Azys Lla was opened, but not by us. Apparently, this is a huge floating city that appears to have a smog problem.

FFXIV Heavensward: Feels of Sorrow, Feels of Joy

Posted on July 13

I am so thoroughly enjoying my journey through Heavensward’s story right now. I can’t even express the feelings of wonder at every little twist, turn and revelation we continue to experience.

FFXIV Heavensward: Class Conundrum & Cactuar Conversion

Posted on July 8

While I’m putting a lot of time into leveling Tai and really loving everything about the Heavensward Dragoon, I hesitated on moving forward with Zuri. This is mostly due to all the feedback I’ve heard about Bard and how the class is borked. I was interested in leveling MCH, but I’ve heard so many awful things about it, too!

FFXIV Heavensward: More Dragon Delimmas

Posted on July 7

I’ve been a bit lazy about blogging over the holiday weekend, but between Heavensward and the new Alpha 12 of 7 Days 2 Die, I’ve been playing more than writing. Considering Tai is going to (hopefully) be moving into the homestretch of Heavensward story pretty soon, I wanted to do a catch-up post. Probably won’t be too much in the way of spoilers here as I just want to brush over story briefly.

FFXIV: The Au’Ra Cactuar Conversion

Posted on July 6

I kept meaning to change my Cactuar Kitty (Aywren) to an Au’Ra, and after spending way too much time trying tons of styles, finally settled on this appearance.

FFXIV: Heavensward “Progress”

Posted on July 3

I’m super happy that Zuri can finally fly in the first zone, mostly for gathering purposes. But I’m sad that I keep running into this while trying to progress on Tai.

Gambler Barding – Set Complete!

Posted on July 1

With all the excitement of Heavensward swirling around, I forgot to post that I finally got the Gambler barding for Zuri’s chocobo, which completes my Gambler outfit set from the Gold Saucer! Naturally, I had to rename my chocobo Blackjack.