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WildStar: Joining in the F2P Crowd

Posted on September 30

This will be the third time I’ve tried WildStar, and they always say the third time is the charm, right?

They See Me Rollin (A New Character in WildStar)

Posted on September 29

Yes, I rolled Aurin, mostly because I wanted to join the Black Dagger Society and needed an Exile. I still have my Chua.

Earthbound: Welcome to Happy Happy Village

Posted on September 26

My weekend goal in Earthbound was to finally rescue Paula from Happy Happy Village. I started this by erasing that weird pencil that stood in my way.

TSW: Hoverboard!

Posted on September 23

I love it! The little blue light under the hoverboard matches the little purple light under my shoes so well!

The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff: Official Trailer

Posted on September 23

This might be the first stuff pack I ever buy. I enjoy Halloween too much!

FFXIV: Tanks in Spaaaaace

Posted on September 23

Okay, yeah. Zemi didn’t really go to space, but the atmosphere in Ifrit’s ring of fire really feels otherworldly. I think it’s the whole black sun thing.

FFXIV: Low Level Tanking – The Struggle is Real

Posted on September 22

Last night, my baby Maurader, Zemi, tanked through the final two of the level 15 dungeons in FFXIV: Tam-Tara and Copperbell. This was done with the aid of FC folks as I’m still too shy to tank these things in a PUG. FC folks have been very kind and helpful in getting me through the low level dungeons.

FFXIV: Overcoming Tanking Anxiety With the Alt Experience

Posted on September 21

I mentioned in a previous blog post how I have been hitting a lull in playing FFXIV lately. With this weekend’s announcement confirming we won’t be seeing patch 3.1 until November, I knew I needed to do something drastic.

FFXIV: I Rolled Yet Another Alt

Posted on September 20

I just haven’t been feeling the desire to do much in FFXIV lately, but seeing Syn leveling up her Dragoon alt made me think about rolling another myself. I know that I’m still an undecided mess about Zuri… And probably the dumbest thing I could do is roll a tank alt – I’ll probably chicken out of running dungeons when I finally get there.

EarthBound: That Darn Pencil!

Posted on September 20

It’s been a few days since I’ve picked up EarthBound. Every time I do, I keep telling myself I forgot how tricky this game actually was. Maybe back then we were used to games that required you to grind to gain levels even from the start or something. But, man, I’m only in the second town and this game keeps kicking my tail.

I’m RPG-Making a Possible Visual Novel

Posted on September 17

I’m not sure what bug bit me – maybe it was a combination of playing oldskool games like EarthBound on top of Super Mario Maker. Maybe it’s just fall is coming, and I tend to be more creative in fall and spring for some reason. Add to that the fact that Bundle Stars had an amazing bundle sale on RPG Maker VX Ace DLC, and I suddenly found myself breaking out my Steam copy, which I’ve owned for a good while.

Weekend Highlights: Super Mario Maker & H1Z1

Posted on September 14

This weekend was a truly casual gaming weekend with most of my focus being on trying out a variety of games on my new Wii U system. This includes EarthBound, Super Mario Kart 8 and the newly released Super Mario Maker. My zombie hunting troop was attached to H1Z1 as well, calling me along for the ride.

EarthBound: Leaving Onett

Posted on September 14

So, after getting to Giant Step, a cop told me to come to the Police Department, pronto. I do so and get a chewing out. Then, the Captain tells me if I want to leave town, I have to follow him.

Wii U Gamepad Decal

Posted on September 13

I recognized very quickly that the Wii U gamepad would be prone to fingerprints, dust and scratches.

Miiverse Me!

Posted on September 13

I just learned how to take screenshots and upload them to Miiverse today. Last night, I discovered I can see Miiverse in a PC browser, which means I can now save those screens to my PC.

Why I Just Bought a Wii U

Posted on September 11

When I woke up this past Sunday, buying a Wii U wasn’t on my list of things to do. In fact, buying a Wii U has really never crossed my mind. But that’s what I did last weekend.

H1Z1: Funny Things

Posted on September 11

Some funny things I saw in H1Z1 tonight.

FF Record Keeper: A Quest for Golbez

Posted on September 10

Yesterday I blogged a bit about how I discovered the FF Record Keeper mobile app was holding a Man in Black event, where you can work through FFIV themed dungeons to recruit Tellah and eventually Golbez.

FFRK: Man in Black Event

Posted on September 9

So I downloaded and dabbled around in the Final Fantasy Record Keeper iOS app a little a few weeks back. Seemed really cute, but I didn’t do a whole lot with it.

Weekend Highlights: FFXIV, Cities Skylines, H1Z1

Posted on September 8

Welcome back to cold, hard reality from a long three day weekend (for those who celebrate Labor Day). I’m trying to shake out the cobwebs and get back to the routine, but I have a feeling it’s going to take most the morning to do so. In the meantime, allow me to reflect on all the gaming done over the weekend.

And Tonight in H1Z1…

Posted on September 7

Was looking through my newly acquired binoculars when….

Wii U: New Console Addition to the House!

Posted on September 6

I bought a new Wii U today – it’s the first time I’ve bought a brand new TV console since the PS2! I’d rather have the Mario bundle, but Splatoon was the only system that was left in the store. Best Buy had them on sale – I think they were trying to get them off the shelf for the upcoming Mario Maker version.

FFXIV: Just Cleared Neverreap Final Boss… With No Tank!

Posted on September 6

The dungeon run started out as a normal one. Me as Dragoon, Zeb our heals, a tank and a black mage DPS. It rolls as normal until the final boss.

Dreams of Future Technology and White Mice

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FFXIV: Of Eso Runs and When I Get Snarky (Defending My Healer)

Posted on September 2

Tai got his second piece of Eso armor last night – the gloves! But rather than just post lovely pictures of how his dragoon set is coming along, I will tell you a little story. This is the story of a Black Mage who ran Fractal with us last night.

Anook Rocks! Blaugust Anook Community Choice Award

Posted on September 2

I totally didn’t expect to win something during Blaugust, and that was never my intention when joining the event. I’ve been an Anook user for almost a year, and was happy to see the official Blaugust Nook being a cornerstone of the event.

Some Blaugust Stats

Posted on September 1

I posted about stats a few times during Blaugust, but wanted to take a moment to show the final outcome for last month.

Horse World Online: Free Horse Breeding and Virtual Pet Game

Posted on September 1

Now for something a little different: please allow me to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures. I not only really like breedable pets and virtual pet games, but I have been a horse lover since I was a little girl. From time to time, I get the itch to find a new free to play, browser-based, multi-user breedable horse game… and my current quest has led me to Horse World Online.