Other People Are Also Group-Shy in MMOs! 

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6 comments on Other People Are Also Group-Shy in MMOs! 

I’m genuinely surprised at how many people feel very similar to how I feel about group content in MMOs. I expected a lot more folks coming into the comments saying “The M in MMO stands for Multiplayer. Why are you even here if you don’t want to group?”

Source: The Daily Grind: Are you ever reluctant to get involved in MMORPG group content? | Massively Overpowered

6 responses to “Other People Are Also Group-Shy in MMOs! ”

  1. To me, the divide isn’t wanting to group and not wanting to group, but willing to group and actively avoiding grouping. It’s subtle, but the point of a MMO is to have a living, breathing world. I don’t blame anyone for being wary of extended group-play, but I don’t like seeing MMOs designed to facilitate those who just want to put their heads down and ignore ALL other players like it’s a really terrible solo RPG.


    • I understand what you’re getting at. I’m shy of grouping, but if I see someone that needs help with something and I have time available to me, I’ll do what I can to help them. I can’t just ignore all the people around me – though I will avoid content that forces me to group with strangers when there are other less stressful options.


  2. I’m a very strong introvert, grouping just tires me out and drains immense amount of energy. It winds up being something I subconsciously avoid, just to protect my own energy levels.

    It’s not that I can’t do it when I want to or have to, we can put on very effective sociable masks in order to get by in an extraverted majority world, it’s just tiring as hell and not something I want to fill my nights with, 24/7, after already using up the tank in real life.

    The obligation to stay for a set amount of time so as not to disappoint others (letting them down, not reaching a successful outcome) or yourself (getting rewards take a set amount of time working towards a set outcome) also plays a part in feeling a loss of autonomy, adding another not-fun feeling to the mix.

    I much prefer jump-in, jump-out, no obligations style grouping. One gets more of the surface benefits of socializing and can enjoy gameplay with allies, while playing as long as one has time for.


    • I couldn’t have said it better. You describe me as well. It’s not always easy for non-introverts to understand the toll grouping can take on us.

      It also depends on who I’m playing with as to how fast the tank drains. Close friends I can group with and be fine, but strangers drain me fast. Especially if there’s group drama.


      • Similar situation here. Often when I’m gaming, I am not interested in socializing, even in an MMO. I just want to go about and do my quests and explore the world. As such, I almost never spontaneously group up for anything. ‘The jump-in, jump-out’ style, such as in GW2, makes it bearable, but at the same time doesn’t really do anything for me either.

        In that sense, I much prefer traditional dungeons: at a time that suits me, I can look for a group (preferably guild/friends) that I can communicate with, rather than a mob of strangers.


        • I’m like that, too. I enjoy really immersing myself in the world and in quests, so I need to take it at my own pace. Grouping doesn’t always suit this exploration, unless it’s with someone who likes to equally explore.


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