FFXIV: Lightbulb Comes On

So after feeling rough about end game FFXIV last week, I still played quite a bit of FFXIV this weekend. I ended up running Void Ark twice – and got the chest drop for different classes (Bard & Paladin) and characters both times. I ran at least one Fractalreap roulette and a handful of Trials (Garuda, Thordan), all mostly to help FC folks out. This is more than I usually run, but coming back to the game rested up helps a little.

The big breakthrough for me this weekend was that I finally found a guide that detailed what I needed to know to work towards 2* crafting at level 60. So I plunked down the gil for the HQ crafting gear and was surprised that I was reliably able to start making collectables for blue scrips for the first time ever. Working towards those Master III books doesn’t feel so impossible now.

Encouraged by this, I got to work on leveling crafting – nailed two levels of Weaver (52) and dinged a level in Botanist (56) while gathering the mats for Weaver. I don’t know what’s up with FFXIV having to make Weaver one of the most annoying crafting classes to level material-wise, but it’s always felt that way to me. Maybe it’s just that Weaver is so useful they try to artificially slow down the progress. Ah, well.

I’m at the point where all but two of my crafting classes are at least 52. I’m motivated to get them all to 53 so that I can get a set of consistent crafting armor for all of them again. I don’t see myself tossing away the chocobo apron and mittens, though. They’re way too cute… and cost me way too much.

I’ve also been playing Fates to earn crystals for my relic weapon. Crystals were stubborn this weekend – I finished the Churning Mists, but need just one more in the Dravanian Highlands. However, I’ve pushed Zuri’s White Mage to level 57 through all this, so it’s been worth it.

White mage Zuri!

Seeing that all I’ve been doing is DPSing with White Mage, I’m not sure if I’m going to know how to actually heal if I ever tackle a raid or dungeon, though.  Of course, Syn says something like “We’ll just run Void Ark. It’s easy. You can practice. I can almost solo heal that!”

Of course you can. You’ve been playing White Mage for two years. :p

Anyhow, once I do get Zuri to 60, I’ll finally have at least one DPS, Tank and Healer at 60 across my two characters. I’m considering leveling Summoner or Machinist next. I haven’t made up my mind. Or maybe starting on the relic quest for Tai and leveling his Ninja.

Lots of options!