Happy Blogging Birthday

Today marks two consistent years of blogging for me between my two different blogs. Two years ago today, I re-launched a blog at my Sygnus.org domain, which I eventually named Clean Casuals. I had a lot of fun blogging there, met a lot of great bloggers, kept up with blogging friends I made the year before, and even had a number of co-bloggers on the site.

May of last year, I launched this blog as a creative and micro-blog. I didn’t do a ton with it aside from random posts until Blaugust, when I started getting the itchy feeling that I kinda wanted to consolidate Clean Casuals into this blog. It felt more personal, and I think I felt the need to make Sygnus.org more of a projects-based site again.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I decided to make that a reality and I merged all of my content from Clean Casuals here. The move is now complete, and I feel it’s been pretty successful. I used a few tricks (redirections, etc) to keep the organic traffic I had to my most-visited articles flowing to the new URLs here on Aywren.com. That has worked well, and I’ve seen Google pick up my posts on this site as it had the posts on Sygnus.org. Google tends to like Sygnus.org because it’s an old and well-established domain name, so growing this domain is going to be more challenging, but a good goal for this year.

Overall, I welcome the changes and thank all of you folks for stopping by and reading, as always! Here’s to another great year!