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Appaloosa Patterns Released in Horse World Online


Over the winter, I’ve somewhat taken a break from breeding horses at Horse World Online. While I’m still a big fan of the site and all it offers, just so much was going on and my stables have gotten quite a bit disorganized.

Yesterday, the team made an announcement that got me excited, though. The much-awaited white patterns have been added to horse genetics! My understanding is that you have a chance to find these hidden genes in many of the base breeds you adopt from the wild – and you have to have new bloodlines to get these.

A lot of time went into not just the art, but the research and science behind the genetics that cause these patterns, which is quite impressive! The thing I love most about Horse World Online is their desire to really base as much of the game as possible on real life colors and genetics.

The guide below provides a sample – you can see a bigger version of this on their official website.




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2 thoughts on “Appaloosa Patterns Released in Horse World Online

  1. That’s really neat, I have never heard of this game but that’s a great idea to create something like that based off of actual genetic patterns, etc.

    Is breeding the sole objective of the game or are there other aspects? Can you breed your horses with those from another player’s stable? That’s something I thought would be really effective in Black Desert in a guild setting, you could work together to improve each other’s stables.


    1. You can breed with a horse from another person’s stable if that person has put their stallion up for stud (for a fee).

      Breeding is one aspect of the game. You also enter and host events, train your horses based on their skill level, level up your avatar to increase you ability to breed, train, and own more horses. You can expand and design your horse farm, and cross-breed horse breeds to make new, rarer horse breeds.

      Breeding to unlock breeds can get very challenging the more you cross genetics. Each horse is rated based on how they conform to their breed’s usual accepted genetics (height, build, etc), and that plays into whether you can successfully cross-breed to produce new breeds. And there are a lot of breeds if you look at the game’s built-in wiki.

      It has a lot of depth, which is what I like about it. It’s not your standard cute-pet breeding game.


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