Appaloosa Patterns Released in Horse World Online

Over the winter, I’ve somewhat taken a break from breeding horses at Horse World Online. While I’m still a big fan of the site and all it offers, just so much was going on and my stables have gotten quite a bit disorganized.

Yesterday, the team made an announcement that got me excited, though. The much-awaited white patterns have been added to horse genetics! My understanding is that you have a chance to find these hidden genes in many of the base breeds you adopt from the wild – and you have to have new bloodlines to get these.

A lot of time went into not just the art, but the research and science behind the genetics that cause these patterns, which is quite impressive! The thing I love most about Horse World Online is their desire to really base as much of the game as possible on real life colors and genetics.

The guide below provides a sample – you can see a bigger version of this on their official website.