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FFXIV: Of White Mages and Love


So the first thing I did as a level 60 White Mage was try to gear up as much as I could to reach the ilvl 175 cap so I could run Void Ark as a healer.

This included crafting the best accessories that I could as a specialized level 60 Goldsmith (which were sadly lacking). I ran one leveling roulette and took down the weekly elite boss to earn a law accessory and its hunt seal upgrade. Then, I broke the bank and bought two pieces of Sky Pirate gear (seeing my Weaver only hit level 58 last night), along with a lesser upgrade to my hands.

With all that said and done, on top of my relic and my Void Ark gear, Zuri was sitting at ilvl 176, and ready to run the Void Ark raid. Syn took me through it with Zeb, and though she swears it’s easier to heal than Crystal Tower, I don’t think so. I need a whole lot more practice. But we made it through and there were no party wipes. Not to mention the healer hands dropped, so I managed to snag the one upgrade I really needed for the week, taking me to ilvl 180!

What is Love?

We also decided to mess around with the Valentione’s Day event fortune tellers. We learned quickly that what one of us got, the other didn’t always get the same. For example, for Zeb, Zuri was true love, but for Zuri, Zeb was only pretty okay. And don’t get me started on what the fortune said of riches when paired with Zeb…


Zeb and Tai’s fortunes weren’t super good, nor were they bad across the board. So they were just “okay” overall. XD


I started a thread on our FC forums where people are having fun posting their fortune outcomes. One member even posted a video of the outcomes! For a holiday event, I’d say most people are having a good bit of fun with this. 🙂



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