7D2D: 34 Days of Progression

This past weekend, the zombie hunting troop got the itch to continue our game in 7D2D. This was pretty much the same game that we’ve been playing all of alpha 13, and the first time we’ve made it as far as day 34 in a while.

The game started out pretty rough with no shelter to be found, skirted by wasteland and desert. Usually by the first blood moon on night 7, we’ve established some sort of base, but that didn’t happen this time. We holed up in this little cave we found and luckily, the hordes passed us by.

After some extensive searching, we found this broken-down house, which we chose to fix up and reinforce.

The first night in our new house – we’ve already taken out the windows on the bottom floor and started reinforcing

I’m primarily the main builder in the game as the others prefer to explore, hunt zombies and sometimes gather. I’m also still learning about the new block upgrade system. Starting with alpha 13, any house you find can be eventually turned into a fort through upgrading blocks. Use wood to reinforce a wood block. Then use metal to reinforce that up to three times for these nasty metal looking blocks.

I began building a fortified wall around our little house, with a full-round balcony for the nights we need to engage with the hordes.

The turning point came when we finally discovered the concrete recipe, allowing me to mix cement and upgrade metal even further. It looks like with steel, concrete can also be reinforced. We don’t quite have the kind of resources to do that, and fixing concrete after a horde night is probably much cheaper.

We also discovered how to break down cars and craft this mobile spotlight, which is seriously, seriously bright. Nights outside the fort used to be pitch black, but a few spotlights has our house shining like a beacon on the hill.

The newest update to alpha 13 has thrown many, many more mini-hordes at us than it used to, including the infamous dog packs. While dog packs are annoying and often deadly, little mini-hordes take me back to the earlier days when you could almost always expect someone to see a horde once every game day.

And the blood moon nights when there’s so many zombies outside the fort that the roar is overwhelming? Well, we’ve survived without any deaths up to night 34. We’ve finally discovered things like iron armor and cross bows. We have the start of guns and ammo. Our garden is growing well and we aren’t too worried about food and water stocks.

Night 35 will be our next horde test. Hope that concrete holds!

Our house-fort on day 34, with mostly concrete around the bottom