BDO: Name Reservations


Black Desert Online’s name reservations are open. There were some issues with the site in the beginning, but I finally got mine reserved. Not sure if “Sojourner” was already taken, or just not able to reserve, but either way, I got the next closest thing for my family name.




  1. Hey there, congrats!
    I also just reserved my name for NA- it’ll be Nuria Mersault.

    Looking forward to meeting you there. I’ve thought about which tier to get but as i want to play BDO pretty casually, i thought 50€ difference for 48 hours earlier entrance wasn’t worth it- so i’ll hopefully be in on 03/01.

    1. Looking forward to it! I won’t be playing until the 2nd, so hoping the servers will be clear of launch issues by then.

      1. Me too. Also, somewhere in their FAQ they’re talking about the NA and EU servers as “both servers”, so i think there is only one per region- i guess we’ll be able to meet up.

  2. Given that you retweeted their capacity problems with name reservations, I will be extremely surprised if you get much – if any – proper game time at launch. I would expect that they’ll need a week or so to settle things down.

    Good luck, though.

    Captain Pessimist 😉

    1. We’ll have to see, I suppose. Seems like hardly a game is launched without some sort of trouble now days. I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get into the early access or anything. I’m interested in the game, but keeping my hype levels down at this point. 🙂

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