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New Nintendo Accounts and Preregistration for Miitomo


I was never heavily into the whole Club Nintendo when it was around, even though I had a dusty long-forgotten account. Back in June 2015, Club Nintendo shut down, which was before my Wii U purchase and before I became re-invested in Nintendo products again. So the closure didn’t really effect me, though it effected other folks.

The community was told that there would be a new Nintendo Account to take the place of Club Nintendo, and starting today, you can now register for that account. If you have a current Nintendo ID hooked up to any Nintendo system, like I do, you can connect that to the Nintendo Account to register. The process was quick and painless, though I did get an error when I entered my email verification code. It straightened itself out in the end, so no worries.

You can also preregister for Nintendo’s first step into the mobile gaming world, which is Miitomo. It sounds like a Mii social network type thing. While it’s cute, I doubt that I’ll get my friends to try it out, so I’ll probably have limited or little use for it. I still preregistered for it anyhow because, hey, looks like you can get My Nintendo Platinum Points for doing that. Whatever those are! XD



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One thought on “New Nintendo Accounts and Preregistration for Miitomo

  1. Just found your blog! And I was unaware this service had no launched. Nintendo really needs to get its online services act under control.


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