FFXIV: Magnificent Mentorship… Or Not…


One of the first things I did this patch, after checking out the new hairstyles, was unlocking Zuri’s mentorship. This wasn’t difficult to do – just talk to the Smith NPC near the Innkeeper. Okay!


Yes! Awesome! I worked really hard with all my crafting and gathering to get this! 😀


Sure, okay. I accept the ToA.


Oh… really? Uh… gosh. I guess a lot of people wanted to be a mentor today.

I guess I’ll just check out the Mentor Roulette to see what that’s about.



So I can’t run Mentor roulette because I haven’t finished every dungeon, raid and trial in the game? What under 40 hour player is going to NEED Alexander 1-4? This is just… dumb! Why even allow crafters to become a mentor if they can’t run the roulette? Not even the low level dungeons??

Well, Zuri is officially the most worthless mentor on the server. I suppose I can answer questions if any new player happens to whisper me or something. Really disappointed in this. 🙁


  1. I did as you suggested and cheesed a couple of Ifrit Normal unsync’d this morning. Given the vagaries of cooldowns, it seems as though even though I finished it in just a few seconds each time, I still needed to wait for 60 second cooldowns to complete, so….. 329 times to go, I guess, at a minute per… 5.5 hours of cheese grinding.

    But yeah, I’ve not run every trial or raid either — the extreme or savage versions, anyway — and some I’ve only ever done once and don’t even remember them, so I dunno how helpful I would be for some of those.

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