FFXIV: Patch 3.2 Quality of Life Goodness

Syn and I finished the 3.2 Main Scenario quests on Zeb and Tai last night. I was pleased with the amount of story and the quality both, but I will save talking about that for another time.

I’ve spent almost as much time basking in the QoL goodness the patch has brought, specifically for lower level players. One of the first things I did was check out the Hall of the Novice. I am happy to say that I think this will be a pretty useful training tool for newcomers to the game. It really does teach targeting, moving out of AOEs, following the tank, getting adds, activating items (such as a lever) during battle to please mechanics and things like that.

It gives a pretty spiffy outfit, but most of all, it gives the awesome Brand-new Ring. Just check out this beauty – nice stats, but most of all 30% bonus experience to classes under level 30. This stacks with other bonuses for a huge boost in leveling experience!

No joke, I set up my little 22 Pugilist on Zuri and took her through one leveling roulette and a few hunting log quests to make a very fast level 25 this afternoon. This makes me happy that I didn’t go through with my goal to level all my remaining classes to 30 on Zuri, because now I can do that so much faster! This also really boosts experience in FATEs as I pushed my Marauder, who has been perpetually stuck at level 15 for far over a year, to level 17 just messing around in FATEs.

I also got to experience the new DPS queue waiting list. Honestly, this helps so much in so many ways. I get anxious not knowing when the roulette is going to pop… sometimes I need to get up to grab a drink or run to the bathroom or something. Knowing what number I am in the list puts me at ease and also buffers the surprise roulette pop (which is something I hate). I don’t like the unknown and the roulette is all about being unknown. So this makes it a good deal better for me. 🙂

I also got into the Novice Network chat for the first time today. I’m happy to report that I actually saw Mentors attempting to help new players out, and chat was generally welcoming and pleasant.

Aside from that, thanks to the dropped price in Eso gear, I was able to grab three Eso accessories for Tai between last night and one Void Ark run this morning. With that and a few Farthing upgrades, I finally pushed him over ilvl 200, and have hope to finish up the rest of his gear. I know there’s new gear out there, but the Eso grind exhausted me so much, I’m just happy to pick up the scraps now that they’re easier ot get.