BDO: My Expectations… Or, Rather, Lack Of

Tonight I will get my first experience playing BDO. I didn’t play in betas on purpose. I have only watched a few videos about the game, and that’s mostly out of curiosity for things like horse taming, buying houses, tips for starting, and hiring workers. I’ve also read a few collective reviews from bloggers and MMO sites. So, while I’m slowly getting more excited for the game’s launch, I wanted to talk about my lack of expectations for BDO.

What I Don’t Expect

It’s funny that I’d buy into a game that I have low expectations for. Usually, story and questing are the highlights of the games I play. But, honestly, I pay a sub to FFXIV because it weaves a good story and hits a lot of the right buttons for me with content and community. I also have a whole slew of single player games that offer a good story experience. So, I honestly don’t need another MMO that rivals my interest in story.

From everything I’ve read about BDO, I have very low expectations for:

  • Localization
  • Main Story
  • Quest Story
  • Voice Acting

Looking back at my time in ArcheAge… I wasn’t there for the story. What was there didn’t make a whole lot of sense and wasn’t the best writing I’ve ever experienced in an MMO. The story didn’t even carry a player to level cap as it stopped at about level 25, and that was that.

I didn’t play AA for the story, though, so I could accept that. I was there for the world and the sandbox experience, which is what BDO tempts me with as well.

I also know that the game will have:

  • An overpriced cash shop
  • Mob grinding
  • Free for all PVP

I don’t plan on buying stuff from the cash shop unless I really, really find value in something. For example, I don’t have a desire for a cash shop mount because one of my goals is to tame my own horses. I didn’t even buy the higher tier pre-order because I didn’t want them handing me a horse. True story! XD Time will tell if I feel the game deserves extra money from me over the price of the box.

Mob grinding doesn’t bother me because… if anything… this reminds me of an oldskool MMO. In fact, a LOT of things hint back to games like UO. Being my first MMO, this only serves to interest me more. Run around to gain stamina skill? Ride a donkey to earn riding skill? Yes, please!

The PVP aspect? Well, I’m not thrilled about it. But I hope the whole karma system will keep people in check. In fact, if I never level past the point where I can be targeted for PVP, I’m totally okay with that. I don’t care one bit about reaching level cap.

What I Hope For

So, if I’m not playing for the story, why am I interested in BDO? Because I have high hopes for all the other sandbox elements in the game.

I’m going to play BDO for the environment. The world. And, from what I hear, it has quite a world to explore.

I love the idea of the knowledge system. I love the idea of taming horses, fishing, building boats, hiring workers, and the fact that rolling alts is a good thing in this game. I want to own a house. I want to mine and forage and explore and build skills. The fact that it’s more like an oldskool UO game wrapped in pretty new graphics is something that draws me in.

The fact that it’s B2P with no sub is also a big help, since I balk at the idea of paying another sub alongside of FFXIV. How well it meets my sandbox expectations will effect whether I adopt BDO as my side sandbox game.

Are you playing or planning on playing BDO? What kind of expectations do you have of it, if so?