Camp NaNoWriMo: Zot and Runne Update – Reader Feedback Wanted!

camp_nano_logoApril is almost here, which means the spring session of Camp NaNoWriMo is coming back around. I participated once last year (was shooting for twice, but it didn’t happen), and had a pretty good idea that I was going to write again this year.

I seem to keep getting myself stuck on plot momentum for Runne, and due to feedback and some reader questions, I’ve decided to pick Shadows of Zot back up this April.

So, if all goes well, look for new Zot updates starting April/May! 

Runne Feedback Needed

For those who read/have read my ongoing fiction, Runne, I need a little feedback.

Here’s my problem. I have a few years worth of Runne material written and ready to post. I’m really not kidding. I have a lot of stuff written.

Adult Fu and TsuMeTai

I don’t post stuff because I struggle to get the chapter art done. I don’t want Runne to go artless, however. The design of the site is made to showcase chapter art, and it makes me sad to think there would be nothing on a chapter page. Plus, I just think it’s more exciting to see art with writing.

I’ve been trying to find a compromise, and here’s one thing I thought of.

Maybe I could draw artwork to represent the entire segment and use it for all the parts of that segment. So instead of having to draw, for example, 8 different pieces of art, I can draw just one for the entire expanse of segments.

Kinda like drawing cover art.

There still are chapters that I’d like to highlight by drawing individual pieces (because important things happen sometimes), but I’ll do that as I feel like it.

If I could consolidate art to just cover artwork per segment, I could easily hold down a weekly update schedule and get the site caught up to more current writing. That, in turn, would probably encourage me to write some more come fall!



  1. Sounds fine to me. I’d be happy to see more updates on the story itself. While I like the artwork, the story takes a bigger priority.
    As always, I’ll be reading!

      1. I agree with Al. In an ongoing story, frequent updates are important. If updates are slow/sporadically, you start to forget and kinda have to re-read before every update.

        1. Well, I never wanted to fall off in my update schedule, but Wayrift takes most of my creative time (there’s only two days a week I’m not working on Wayrift in some fashion). So with work, blogging, gaming and adult life, something falls by the wayside no matter how much I hate it. :/

          I do beat myself up for every project I don’t update. I don’t forget about them.

          1. Oh, no, you can only do fifty things instead of fifty-three things. XD

            Seriously, don’t beat yourself up about it–you find way more time for creative projects than I do! You just have too many for any human to manage. XD

          2. Too many stories, not enough time.

            There are still so many pieces of stories in my head that never make it to paper. Er… screen.

            Maybe one day.

  2. I agree with Almonihah. I love your artwork, but your writing even more 🙂
    It’s too painful waiting too long for updates, so I usually just forget about existence of this storylines to protect myself..
    The story is more important to me, but I respect that you feel the art as a necessary part of the story, so I would recomend the “segment chapture artwork” variant.
    It’s no good for you to overwork yourself, but we would eagerly eat whatever you feed us. The more frequently the better 🙂

    1. Thanks, I really do feel bad about the lack of updates for this story. I used to be much better at this sort of thing. Of course, I also used to be a student with much more time, and not a full-time employee!

  3. Story! Yes! However you can manage it. The section art seems like a good compromise for your artistic sensibilities.

    Viewing this forum on my tablet is amusing. Lol After a few levels of nesting, posts appear one letter per line.

    1. Yikes! It shouldn’t be doing that! About what level of nesting starts causing the problem? I can limit that.

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