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FFXIV: Vath Mount Get


Last night I unlocked the final rank of Vath beast tribe quests, earning the right to purchase the Vath mount, the Kongamato. This is the first beast tribe mount I knew I had to get immediately, mostly because the way it sounds.

It’s like riding around on a Didgeridoo! I just know they had to get inspiration from that instrument for the sound. It’s so calming for some odd reason, and I really fell in love with it.

Vath have really grown on me. And it’s not just because they hand me Lore tomes… though that’s helpful considering I’ve been too lazy to run the new EX Roulette with any dedication.

Mostly, I’ve been running Leveling roulettes on Zuri’s monk to keep nudging her level up. But even that, I haven’t been working on too hard. I’m just shy of level 35 as of last night, so I should probably go hit up some FATES or class hunts and push myself over to get whatever Monk quest/skill I get at that point.

Family Play

Aside from that, after years of talking enthusiastically about FFXIV to our zombie hunting troupe, my sister and brother-in-law have finally decided to try out FFXIV. They’re still only a few days new, and kinda off doing their own thing right now. But, we’ll see if they decide FFXIV is for them.

My fat cat welcomed them, though. 🙂



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7 thoughts on “FFXIV: Vath Mount Get

  1. Grats on the mount!! The cat is absolutely adorkable, haha. I can’t get over how fat and cute it is. 😛 Hope the fam enjoys FFXIV and decides to stick around!


  2. Just wondering, when can i buy the gear from the vath? i reached rank 7 just now and can buy the mount and new minion but none of the armor is there.


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