FFXIV: Mentor’s Helping Hand

Vix, Zuri, Xaa and a photobombing Midgardsormr
Vix, Zuri, Xaa and a photobombing Midgardsormr

While I may not be able to do much with the mentor system as it is – I rarely get into the Novice Network chat and I can’t do Mentor Roulette – the one nice thing I can do for new folks is provide a mentor experience boost while running content with them. This has come in handy as I assist my sister (Vix) and brother-in-law (Xaa) in their first week in game.

For the most party, they’ve been roaming around, trying different classes, and learning the game on their own. However, last night was their introduction to dungeons – Sastasha – so I was able to do something more than bum around annoying them from time to time. We needed a tank and healer, so I dusted off Zuri’s Marauder, and did a rather rusty low-level tanking job. The mentor experience bonus actually extended to Zuri as well, so happily, my Marauder was almost level 20 before the night was done.

I also introduced them to the Aesthetician, the Hall of the Novice (where they got new gear) and the Gold Saucer. Vix, being old hat to Final Fantasy games, knew exactly what she was getting into when she started the Gold Saucer. Still didn’t stop her from picking up Triple Triad cards, though. 🙂

Aside from that, I don’t know that I’m going to be as successful in my goals this month as I was last month. I haven’t really worked on any of my crafting classes, and leveling is going slowly, but steadily with my other jobs. I have three jobs that are still below level 20, but I’m nudging them up through random things.

A screen of Nym I took while I was out clearing quests on my Monk
A screen of Nym I took while I was out clearing quests on my Monk

Monk is still coming along as well. I was halfway through level 36 last night, so I hopped on a FATE train (which still exists in Coerthas) and snagged level 37. Since Vix and Xaa seem to be playing DPS (I’d expected Vix to heal), and Syn is working up her tank on Zeb, I’m considering dusting off my Scholar on Zuri, which is only level 40 at this point, and practicing healing. I’ll have to reassign my points as I think I have her set up for Summoner, and do some catch-up class quests, but I might as well get experience and practice wherever I can!

Oh, and I saw a retainer out in the wild for the first time last night!


I heard that from time to time, you could see them out there working, and have seen other people’s screens of them, but have never seen one myself until last night!



  1. You’re most likely aware, but for a SCH the points in INT are perfectly fine.

    They’ll help your DPS, and the few points in Mind or PIE won’t be worth the cost of changing back and forth.

    I suggest just leaving it as is.

    1. Interesting! I’m not super familiar with how the whole Scholar/Summoner situation works since I have only dabbled in those jobs, but I’ll take your advice. That would make things much easier! Thank you!

      1. Hymn of the Keeper allows you to respec for the cost of 250 GC seals (bought at your GC Quartermaster). I have a stack of 99 of them in my inventory at any given time. But I main Summoner and rarely ever play Scholar, so I usually don’t bother. 35 stat points isn’t a make-or-break thing at 60 — basically it’s about 2/3 of an additional jewelry piece. Nice for sure, but not a big deal.

        Miskav is wrong on the INT helping you out when dps’ing as a Scholar — when you hit Cleric Stance to enable dps to actually hit harder than a wet noodle it swaps your INT and MND stats, so the initial INT now becomes the MND, but you don’t care since when dps’ing you’re now using INT, so any points that used to be in INT are now pointless (see what I did there? 😉 ).

        1. Yeah, I restated before for some other class somewhere. Might have been a tank.

          Was wondering how those points would effect Cleric Stance. That was initially why I was going to restat. So it still sounds like the best idea in the end to do so?

          1. Yes. If you’re going to swap between playing both classes a lot, then keep a stack of Hymns in your inventory and re-stat when you swap. If you only occasionally pull out SMN, then put it all in MND and leave it. Or vice-versa.

  2. The “Hall of the Novice”? I’ve not heard of this. Enlighten me, Senpai! Also, I didn’t know that you could even see Retainers out doing their quests!! That’s so cool! I need to finish that quest so I can start sending them out. It’s not something I’ve tried, yet. 🙂

    1. You can access the new Hall of the Novice at level 15 on any class. They’re located throughout the world, but the one I know that’s easiest to get is right out the gates of Aleport.

      There, you complete duties based on your role. It passes out good level 15 armor, and best of all, a ring that gives you bonus EXP until your job is level 30. It’s good for boosting those alt jobs!

    2. The Hall of the Novice is a new thing added in 3.2

      Basically it teaches new players all about their roles, and provides them with re-colored level 15 dungeon gear, as well as a ring that adds 30% experience while under level 30.

      It’s located outside of Aleport (The MSQ now takes you there before Sastasha) and there are npc’s around all early dungeons and the adventurer’s guilds with a little sprout, you can start the duties for the armor/ring there as well.

    3. To add onto the other replies, the actual building by Aleport also has a journal that explains common terms used throughout the game – like emnity, DPS, etc.

      There’s also NPCs to talk to who give some sound advice and NPCs with the text bubble when you get near them that also has some pretty good advice.

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