Landmark: New Update


While I’ve been a little down about the whole direction of Landmark and the cancellation of EQN, I decided to check out the newest Landmark update that dropped yesterday. There appeared to be a lot of technical difficulties right out of the gate for them, however. The update took 2 days to complete, they put the game up for an hour only to pull it down again for another 7-8 hours.

When it did come up, it was kinda done quietly. The Landmark Twitter announced:


…but they never actually Tweeted again to let us know it was running. I just happened to try to log in and found it working. But, I didn’t actually get into Landmark until late last night without enough time to fully check things out.

Here’s what I did see.

Character Creation Changes

Our old characters got wiped, so it’s time to roll a new one. There’s a slightly wider array of character creation options. A new height slider. A few new hair styles. Three styles of outfits (fantasy, sci-fi, western). But still not a large range of creation options.

I did like the new female hair provided, so I picked one and went with it, heading out as quickly as possible with the intention of getting a claim build site (ugh) on some choice piece of land.

Strange New World

I was dropped into this underground looking area to begin with. It seemed that’s where other folks were dropped, too, as I actually saw a good number of people there along with me. I have no idea what this place was, or if there was any sort of tutorial, as it seems the old helpful tutorial got nixxed.

I saw some people moving castle props around, but for the most part, I was standing there in confusion. There was no portal spire in sight on the map. Just this large, cold cavern with people milling around, probably as confused as I was.

After clicking through the new UI, I noticed a blue portal stone icon in the top menu. Clicking it took me to what I wanted – a way to warp out of there and find actual land to claim.


Apparently, we no longer need stones to port (fine with me) as I was able to freely hop between servers and islands until I found one I liked. The only problem was, I didn’t have a claim flag in my inventory, so I couldn’t claim any land yet.

I did some looking on the forum, and found it was a minor bug. Restarting the game put a claim flag recipe at the crafting station. Too bad I had already run all the way out to a prospective claim spot… Warping back, I made my flag. I then hopped around the islands to see what land was available.

The islands seem smaller than I remember, to be honest. There were a few claims near to the Spire, but for the most part, the land was still quite claimable. This was either because most folks didn’t know the server was up, or if they knew the server was up, they had no idea how to get out of that first cavern. :/


After I grabbed some land… and decided to check out this new starter area they set aside for new players. The land was intended to be flat and easily buildable. Most of the plots were already taken up, but my big beef with it is… why did they stick the new player section in a bland biome like tundra of all things? Really?

I might fiddle around with the quests and building when I find some time. Not sure yet. I was a bit disappointed that they took away the cute little house prefabs that we had before and replaced them with unwieldy-seeming castles instead. I just wanted a little house on an island. And I’m not willing to pay DayBreak points to get one in a game that I’m not even sure if I’m going to invest a lot more time in.

So far, the start felt… clunky and unstructured. We have a quest journal, but you had to go look for it. The old tutorials are gone, and I think those actually went a long way in helping someone newly spawned along. I’m not impressed with the stark, cold box-like structure of the level-land island for new players. Make it green or something, but all that tundra just turns me off.


I sure hope they don’t force that kind of structure on all players eventually.

Give me sky and sea, please.
Give me hills, sky, and sea, please.


  1. I love the character models in this game. You look like a fashionably ninja/monk. Makes me want EQN back!

    I have a new PC coming and will undoubtedly go check out Landmark when that happens.

    I still think the best thing they could do would be to let people have their own servers, make it Minecraft 2.0. I could see myself dumping way too much time back into the game if they allowed that to happen.

    I’d even pay for it. (Magic words!)

    1. I also like the character styles in Landmark. Wish we had a few more options to mess with, but it’s understandable why we don’t. What we do have is good looking.

  2. “why did they stick the new player section in a bland biome like tundra of all things? Really?”

    I think the intent was to make it really easy for people to start building on a nice flat space, and since the “building sites” were SUPPOSED to be assigned at character creation, they didn’t want one plot to seem nicer than another. Tundra is so generic and I guess that was the point. I don’t think it makes a good first impression though.

    You spawning into a cave was a bug. When I played before the shut down, I had a building site on the “pioneer island” pre-assigned to me. One random block in a nice neat grid of boring similar sites.

    I haven’t logged in again since the re-wipe; Landmark still makes every fan in my PC go into overdrive; it gets so loud I’m worried something is going to burn out.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering what was going on when I logged in and was stuck in a cavern with no other way out. I was under the impression I’d be assigned a building site, too. I wasn’t, though, and had to figure my own way out of it.

      I feel bad for the other folks trapped in there. None of us knew really what was going on, so it may be some of them are still there. Or that they got a poor impression of their very first login, which Landmark doesn’t need.

  3. The purple is pretty!

    I don’t understand why Landmark doesn’t rework a bit to just allow people to have their own private group biomes with a system to publicly list them. I can’t imagine it would be that hard to do, and it would instantly make the game approximately a million times better, right?

  4. Thanks for the report. Not going to have time to get on until the weekend but at least by then perhaps the really major bugs might have been fixed.

    That character looks good. Looking forward to re-making mine.

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