BDO: Level 20 – Tamer Pet Get & First Wild Horse Tame!

Oh, I’m so excited! I tamed my first horse in BDO today! 

Strangely enough, I had a dream last night that I was taming horses in BDO. I don’t know why, don’t look at me that way! XD

But when I woke up, I knew I had to make it a reality. When I logged in, I was pretty close to level 19, so my first order of business was to push to level 20 where horse taming would open up. So I buckled down and did a lot of battle quests outside Heidel and a little bit of grinding on the mobs out there. I’m also getting easter egg drops for my effort, which makes me happy. I dinged level 20 in a pretty short bit of time.

Then, I went about figuring out how to summon my new battle pet. Finally, as a tamer, I have a pet to fight with!

I also spent some time with the quest that teaches you how to put down a garden and farm. I really like how farming is done in this game… much better than struggling for a spot in AA.

I noticed as I cleared out a few quests in Heidel that the stable master had a quest for taming wild horses. So I took it and it instructed me on how to make my sugar for taming. It also gave me one rope, though based on the taming guide by Dulfy, I bought a bunch more. I needed them.

I set out looking for a wild horse, though based on the guide, I didn’t expect to see one close to Heidel. It might be because it’s early afternoon (thanks to my day off) or because folks have moved out of this area, but I was super stoked to find one within 15 mins of looking for it. It’s just a plain brown horse, but hey. It was my first try.

It took me a few fails to get used to throwing the lasso. Then there’s a whole horse rearing mini-game you have to play as you inch slowly closer to it. Even after giving it sugar a few times, the horse kicked me to the curb when I tried to mount it. Took about 7 ropes before I actually won the struggle and was able to mount my first tame: Quiet Motif.

Because you don’t know the gender of the horse even when you go to register it at the stable, I’m going to go with these randomly generated horse names that are gender neutral. The horse turned out to be a rank 2 male, which I’m really pleased with for a first catch. I know females are hard to come by, but I’m really stoked to finally be able to start taming, training and breeding soon! 😀

Love the way riding feels in this game. I’m so ready to start having some equine fun! I even leveled my taming up after doing all this. Good times! 🙂