FFXIV: Unexpected Scholar & Reviewing March Goals

Scholar is not a class I expected to level. I’d worked on it a bit before, but wasn’t really comfortable with the healing style. I switched it to Summoner for a bit and did some FATE leveling with the job to get it to level 40. It sat there for quite a while as I went through the pain and agony of not knowing which DPS to level on Zuri (final answer: all of them!). Summoner had been an option, but not one I took up.

I eventually leveled White Mage to be my healer. I even exchanged off all my level 50 healer gear because I figured I’d never level Scholar (and Astrologian isn’t of interest to me right now).

But then, Vix and Xaa started playing FFXIV. At first, I thought that Vix would roll a healer like she usually does. But she opted to become a Bard instead. Zeb was leveling tank classes, so that left me with the uncertain healing duty.

My White Mage was already at 60, and seeing we were helping them through low level dungeons, I figured I could dust off my Scholar and practice with it a bit. I’m happy that I did because I’ve learned a lot about Scholar… and I’m slowly nudging her closer to 50.

While I don’t know all there is to know yet, rouletting and working through each low level dungeon has made me a lot more comfortable with the class. We just successfully beat Brayflox as a team, including Zeb’s newly-minted Dark Knight, which was a pretty good challenge for us.

I’m beginning to really enjoy Scholar, and see it as a possible class to carry to 60.

Reviewing March Goals

I’ll set more goals for April later this week, though with the coming of Camp NaNoWriMo, and my growing interest in BDO, I may cut back on the number of goals I set. This month, I took care of the most important goals, though there were a number that didn’t get completed just due to focusing on unexpected things (Scholar).

End Game Stuff

  • Complete the second-stage relic for Bard (I bought the Eso weapon and upgraded it. I’ll finish the quest when I finish it.)
  • Level Dragoon to 55 ✓

I did get my Dragoon to level 55. I wasn’t sure if I would do it, and it was marked as a low-priority goal, but it got done!

For the moment, I’ve dropped the goal of second stage relic for Bard. I haven’t dropped the quest or anything, but I haven’t made any headway on clearing those dungeons for it still. I already bought the better Eso weapon anyhow. And I may not even concentrate on Bard in the future… it depends on how much I enjoy Monk, Dragoon and Scholar once I get them past the 50-60 grind.


  • Level Leatherworker to 60 ✓
  • Meld end game leather crafting gear with materia ✓
  • Level Carpenter to 60 ✓
  • Meld end game crafting accessories with materia ✓
  • Get Master III Leatherworker book ✓
  • Craft better gathering gear
  • Gather for Red Scrips

I got a lot of crafting goals completed, which makes me happy! I didn’t spend any time looking into crafting better gathering gear, however. And without the gear upgrade, I didn’t gather for Red Scrips. After all the fishing and gathering I did in February, I’m a bit tired of gathering, so taking a break is probably a good idea.

Leveling Stuff

  • Level all remaining jobs to 30
    • Paladin
    • Warrior
    • Ninja
  • Level Machinist to 50
  • Level Monk to 50 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

I did complete getting Monk to 50, which was the most important item on this list. I still haven’t picked up Machinist again, despite hovering at 47 for half a year. I might just buckle down to get this done and off my list next month.

I have been clearing old quests as I find them, mostly to help level my tanks. While I haven’t reached 30 on any of those classes, I did get a few levels on the tank classes at least. Just haven’t had much time to focus on these classes after I got taken in by leveling Monk – which was completely unexpected.

I can already see next month is going to be a lot lighter on goals, which is a good thing. Zuri really is expanding jobs and horizons in many different directions, and it’s been a good thing!