BDO: Cherry Blossom Earrings, Autoloop & First T4 Horses

This weekend I finally got the free Cherry Blossom Earrings cosmetics that you earn by farming cherry trees during the current event. My hair kinda gets in the way, but you can see them more or less here.

Friday also introduced the autoloop feature for us horse tamers. I know there’s some folks grumbling about it and some that just think it’s bad design, but for someone like me with other commitments than just playing BDO, this is a great addition. I’ve been keeping horses on loop as much as I can while I do other things (art, FFXIV), and it’s really the only way I can level horses to breed for better ones.

Speaking of which, I picked up a new trainer outfit to help speed leveling a little and finally bred one of my¬†first T3 males. I got my first T4 horses – both male, of course. But hey, first is first. I’ve still got a number of other T3 females to breed, so I’m hoping to keep the lines moving forward.

It’s funky how the T4 horses I bred have mis-matched mane and tail – both of them.

Tier 4 Male

It’s also interesting how the first T3 male I bred this weekend had the braided mane/tail style as well.

Tier 3 Male

I’m also leveling my Training skill as much as I possibly can. I just reached Apprentice Rank 10, and hoping to see what’s beyond this soon!