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Steam Challenge Milestone: More Than Half Backlog Played!


I’d like to announce that for the first time since I started the Steam Personal Challenge in 2014, I have now gotten my backlog numbers to under 50% not played. That means I have officially more games that I’ve played than not played!

Considering the overall number of games I own now has almost doubled since then, knocking my percentage down from 71% to 49% really makes me feel good about my backlog. Of course, doing some culling and game binging this week has really helped with that.

Stats as of Jun 27, 2014:


Stats as of Jun 24, 2015:



Stats as of today:


And there’s no way I paid that much for all these games. Steam sales FTW.



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6 thoughts on “Steam Challenge Milestone: More Than Half Backlog Played!

  1. Huzzah! 🙂

    Though… I notice the raw number of unplayed games is actually higher…

    …And also that I have more Steam games than you and probably haven’t played as many. XD


    1. Yeah, I saw that, too. But some of that comes with games doing crazy things like splitting into two or games re-releasing as a separate version, but leaving the original in the backlog to be counted (such as Divinity).

      Then I have some games, like Starbound that wants to be on my list twice, and like H1Z1 who has TWO testing servers versions in my backlog… so the base number gets inflated by things I can’t control like that.


    1. Thank you! I do tend to play larger and never-ending things, don’t I? Trying to play shorter sessions of various games to test whether I enjoy them or not, and that seems to be helping.


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