BDO: First Tier 6 Horses Bred!

I know I’ve been quiet about my horse breeding lately. That’s because I’ve spent all this time training my T3 female and T4 male to level 29 (both) in order to push a big breeding last night. This took me a week and a half of straight training… and it resulted in my first T6 horses!

Anyhow, though I was only supposed to have a 20% chance of breeding a T6 male from that pairing, and I was really shooting for females, both the breeding and the exchange gave me T6 males! I’m excited to get my first T6 — T7 is currently the highest tier in game, but is difficult to breed for.

I love the look of my first fellow – it’s hard to see in this picture but he has a little bun-tail. The second guy I got was one of the yellow/red horses that the community likes to call the ketchup/mustard horses. They seem pretty common and are not my favorite coat color. But, hey, maybe I can train him up and either breed him or sell him if he gets some good skills.

I’m faced with a tough choice now. Once again, I got no females from this breeding, and I have one remaining T3 female to train. I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest that kind of time to push her and another T4 male to level 29, even if the chance of getting T6 horses is great. I could level them a lot less and try for lower tier females, but my luck at getting females has been so rotten.

Or I could spend my time training the T6 ketchup/mustard to see if I can get good skills out of him and put him on the market. This has never been about making money, though.

Having too many options to choose from is not a bad thing. 🙂