Weekend Gaming Highlights: TSW, Minecraft, FFXI, FFXIV, LoZ!



I did quite a bit of gaming this weekend, and have already got to work on some of my May gaming goals. Most of these will need their own posts, but I wanted to consolidate them here so I don’t forget what I did! 😀

The Secret World

I’ve wanted to roll an alt character in TSW for a while, ever since they changed the new player experience. I like to go back to these things and see how they’ve changed. I also haven’t played the game from anything but a Templar point of view, so I wanted to see what differed between the factions. I only just got to Kingsmouth, so expect more blogging about this in the future. 🙂


Did you know that until this weekend, I was one of those people who had never played Minecraft before? Yeah. Believe it.

I’m only playing single player to learn things at this point, but having a great time. Expect more blogging on this in the future for sure!

That little Minecraft shack everyone builds their very first time.
That little Minecraft shack almost everyone builds their very first time.


I’ve been leveling my Dark Knight, trying to make the goal of level 30 before the month is out. I started at level 4. Had her to level 22 before the night was out in very little time. I’m shocked at how fast solo leveling is in this game now.

I also activated what looks to be some sort of storyline quest that came with the expansions I picked up this weekend, which I need to investigate.

Level 22 Dark Knight!

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I am happy to report that as of last night, I am no longer stuck on the boss of the Desert Palace. That boss was tough for me! It didn’t help that I didn’t yet have the net (for some reason), which means I couldn’t carry around fairies in a bottle to revive me when I died. So, I went and got that rectified.

It took me three tries, but I finally nailed it. Woot! Progress and one of my May goals complete! 😀

“Thank You” is a good place to start.


I’ve taken a bit break from FFXIV for a while, so yesterday marked a grand return of sorts for me. Syn has been overseas on a work trip, and away for work before that, too. She just got back, and had it all set up to have a sort of “Celebration Day” for the FC when she did. A lot of folks are hitting milestones IRL – Finding new jobs, getting apartments, completing finals, and having birthdays (me, soon!).

Funny thing was, I’d almost forgotten it was also the FC’s 2nd Anniversary. So it all fell in place. Syn was (literally) buying any FC folks who wanted pizza gift cards to pizza places. They were pretty shocked that she was serious about it. XD

Aside from the FC birthday, I also healed the Crystal Tower Trio on my Scholar for the first time this weekend. That was a learning experience! Syn said I did well, but I feel like I still need a lot of practice. It’s been a while since I’ve healed a raid, and last time I did it, it was with White Mage. We ran a few of those towers with full FC groups, so it was less stressful if I messed up. I also hit level 51, and I’m seriously considering putting some more time into leveling Scholar at this point since I do find it a lot of fun.

Aside from that, I went back and cleaned up all the unfinished job quests I’ve left lying around on Zuri. That included two level 50 quests for Scholar, two level 45s and two level 50s on Summoner, a level 54 on Dragoon and a level 50 and level 52 on Monk. Whew. I’ve been lazy… but I got them done, finally!


Feeling accomplished!


  1. I look forward to hearing more about your journey into Minecraft. I’ve only played a little single player in that game, but the sandbox elements leave so many options. I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

    1. I’m easily amused by sandbox games, so I know I probably will. I didn’t know if I’d like the blocky art style, but I saw the beauty in it right way. I know I’ll find lots of things to do in my little world. 🙂

  2. I’ve debated back and forth on Minecraft, but I’m honestly not so much into the sandboxes, so I’ve never put down the money to get it.

    1. Yeah, this is 100% sandbox. So if it’s not your thing, you might not be too into it. I can see where games like Starbound got inspiration, though.

  3. There are mods in Minecraft that offer quest-like guided progression. It’s something I really enjoyed, coming from that MMO-like background, where crafting one thing then unlocks another and it isn’t all so immediately overwhelming. So that’s something to keep in mind too, if a sandbox feels too open.

    Glad to see another blogger make a Minecraft foray! Hope you have a great time, and heh, do watch out for the ominous hiss of the sneaky creeper that somehow appears behind you…

    1. Oh, awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to check this out. I did want to try vanilla Minecraft before modding it, but I’m totally up for trying things like this. 🙂

      Hahah! I’ve already been blown up a few times… darn creepers. :/

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