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FFXIV: Level 50 Machinist Finally!


Don’t laugh at her funky gear. She has a gun.

After about half a year at being stuck at level 47 Machinist, I’ve finally leveled to 50 tonight. That one goal that I kept putting on my goal list over and over and over again… done. I like that feeling!

Pushed through in a few days, mostly helping Syn level her Dark Knight through FATES, leves and a few dungeons. I still don’t have the best grasp on the class, but after messing around with it a bit more, I don’t find it so bad. Maybe some of those buffs they’ve added along the way have helped.

Now I have 4 (5 counting Summoner) jobs sitting in that lull between level 50 and 60. It’s pretty difficult for me to find the motivation to push through those levels… just feels like they take forever. Still have plenty of other low level jobs to work on, though. Getting these goals done!


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