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Earthbound: Tessie, Zombies and UFOs

It’s been a while since I’ve played Earthbound on my Wii U. One of my May goals was to make progress in the game this month, and I did some of that today. Back in December, I got the team out of Twoson by hitching a ride with the Runaway Five.


Once I got to the city of Threed, however, I found it locked down under a zombie infestation. I kept hearing that there’s a path hidden behind the graveyard, so I did a little snooping and leveling with my team.


After a creepy run-in with some zombies that stared into my soul rather than eating me, I saw this strange woman walk into the hotel. Following her (which I knew was a bad idea) got me ambushed by a bunch of zombies in a hotel room. We woke up in an underground cell of some sort, unable to get out.

Well, Paula used her whatever-power to send a message to someone we’d never met before. But someone she’d knew could help us. This happened to be a kid named Jeff, who was in a private school in a place named Winters.

Jeff didn’t pause a moment before gathering up stuff and breaking out of the school in response. He befriended a bubble-gum chewing monkey, and the path led him through a wintery forest, down to a pond. The shore was littered with people who were watching for the legendary Tessie – a Loch Ness Monster spin off.

Of course, Tessie is real. Jeff and the monkey catch a ride south.


Tessie happens to drop Jeff off next to Stonehenge. He then continues south, where he has the privileged of passing through the dungeon created by none other than Brick Road, who wants to become “the first combination of human and dungeon in history.”

Beyond that, Jeff discovers the lab of his father, Dr. Andonuts, who allows him to take the flying Sky Runner… which looks mysteriously a lot like a UFO.


Jeff hones in on the sound of Paula’s call, which takes him to where the team is locked under the graveyard in Threed.


Sadly, Jeff does crash-land the Sky Runner, so we’re unable to use it after that point. However, he succeeds in breaking us out of the jail.

So now it’s zombie butt-kicking time (I hope)!


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