Completed: LoZ: A Link Between Worlds!

One of my May Goals was to beat the Desert Palace (where the boss had me stumped for a while) and make progress in Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I joked that I’d love to finish the game this month, and much to my surprise, tonight, I did!

I’m stoked about this because this marks the first console/handheld game that I’ve beaten in many, many years. It’s possibly been a decade. Really, I have so many unfinished games it’s embarrassing.

Most of the PC games I play are very open-ended, so actually playing a game all the way through has been unheard of lately. Now, I didn’t unlock every secret, get every heart, nor did I beat all those challenge treasure dungeons, but that’s okay. I saw the story from beginning to end, and that’s what counts to me.

I also got all the important upgrades, including the red mail and the fully upgraded Master Sword.

I made sure to buy out everything that Ravio was selling, as well. He started taking it easy once there was no shop to tend.

The story wasn’t anything earth shattering, and I guessed the nature of my enemy pretty early on. But, the attempt was there, and I enjoyed what there was.

It was more of a puzzle game than anything else, to be honest. I was proud to have figure out about 98% of the game on my own. There were only a few times that I had to go to guides or videos to get help. Usually the things I couldn’t figure out were really simple little things I overlooked. I gave it a good try, but didn’t waste too much time on stuff I couldn’t get after a while. That helped me keep moving forward towards the end.

I took a number of screenshots (Warning: Spoilers!), which is a real pain in the behind since everything has to go through MiiVerse to do so. But I guess it’s better than nothing!

I really loved this twist in the story – it was one I didn’t see coming.

Had to get some shots with the Triforce since it’s so rare to see it all in one piece!

And, of course, a happy ending. 🙂

Overall, I didn’t do too badly! Some of those end boss fights were pretty tough!

And now I’m feeling more confident about picking up other games, hoping I can finish them like this one. I’m thinking about going back to my copy of Pokemon X, which I only played for 3 hours, and seeing where I go from there!