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Hatch Pet: The 2 Year Birthday

So, today I did my ritual log-in on my iPhone apps, and discovered that my Fugu Hatch Pet had a birthday.

2016-05-20 09.19.20

No, actually, I had no idea it was getting this close! I could have sworn I first adopted him in fall, but the app does say he’s over 900 days old. So… who knows.

Regardless of actual date of adoption, yes, I have been logging in and taking care of my Fugu for a long time.  If I didn’t take care of him enough, there’s always a chance that he might run away Tamagatchi style. Not that it’s that hard to just hop in and feed him once a day. XD

If you’re curious what it’s about, here’s my review of Hatch as well.

2016-05-20 09.19.43


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