FFXIV: Getting Others to 50 (Trioing Dark Devices!)


While I have a lot more of Stardew Valley to write about, I wanted to take a moment to play catch up with what’s been up in FFXIV. For the most part, I’ve been focused less on doing stuff for my own characters and more on helping Vix and Xaa reach level 50.

Xaa actually got to 50 last week, and looks much more like the Black Mage he is now. 🙂


Vix, on the other hand, started out as a bard, despite usually playing healer classes in games. She enjoyed it, but something eventually changed her mind, and she decided to level her Scholar/Summoner, mostly for the healing aspect. So, she’s been trying to catch back up from a brand new level 1 class, and she’s done a great job of it!

We do leveling roulette just about every night, and then sometimes some FATE running to supplement that. Last night, after our roulette, Vix was pretty darn close to level 50, so Xaa and I joined her for FATEs in N. Than. Strangely, there weren’t any FATE parties going at the time, and the zone was pretty quiet.

This tipped me off that the Dark Devices FATE chain was probably waiting to be spawned. Though there were just three of us, and no tank (I was a level 58 Dragoon), we decided to take it on. And somehow, with just the three of us, we beat it! For being just a Dragoon, I did a pretty good job of holding aggro, even against the two boss fight. XD


Fun times!

Finally, we did get Vix to level 50. Though she has yet to finish up her final quests for artifact armor, I picked her up some ilvl 115 books from the vendor in Ishgard to get her started (did the same for Xaa).


So now we just need to get them through the last few dungeons for ARR, and into the further 2.xx content! Yay!


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